Monday, February 09, 2009

nice seats

My friend Russ and I got some pretty amazing seats at last Saturday's OSU game. The handicapped section completely filled up so that had no where else to put us but in front of the espn sound guy next to the OSU bench. We literally could have reached over and grabbed some of their Gatorade. Here's a couple pics.

Except for Appleton I think we looked pretty good. Even with that stupid mask thing Aldrich grabbed something like 16 rebounds. Morningstar still makes me a bit nervous when he in bounds the ball though. Other than that he seems to be getting better. I think their confidence is up and just in time for what is sure to be a tough Mizzou game tonight. I think this will be a big test for them. Do you guys think we have a chance to run the table in the big 12? Texas has proven to be a weaker team than most thought early on but the obvious challenge is OK on the road. If we can somehow beat them I think we can beat anyone. Honestly our only bad loss was Umass and that was pretty early on. Can't wait for March!


  1. Great pics, Aaron. Nice to have a sideline reporter.

    Self has designated Brady as the inbounds guy against the press -- see the Tennessee game as well -- and he's coughed it up a few times, but I think he's doing OK. We maybe need our other guys to do a better job of coming to the ball on those plays -- could be a factor against Mizzou.

    It's been a great run so far, but I would be shocked, shocked if this young team ran the table. We haven't played the meat of the sked yet.

    Mizzou is for real this year, and we still have them twice. K-State is playing much better, and we still have to go there. Texas is reeling, but if they can right the ship they have the talent to beat us -- that and Mizzou will be the biggest threats to our nation-leading home streak.

    OU has looked shaky in some narrow wins of late, but I still find it hard to believe that we'd beat them at Norman.

    But even if we drop a few, we've still got a great chance to finish a strong 2nd in the B12, and if OU falters, maybe even 1st.

    Going into tonight's game, KU is ranked 16th in both polls, MU at 17th and 19th. This should be fun.

  2. KC Star's Under The Influence blog has a nice post explaining why KU will win.

    Some interesting statistical nuggets from this post:

    Aldrich is (and keep in mind the conference has a player named Griffin) #2 in Rebounding, #2 in Field Goal Percentage and #1 in Blocks.

    Also, the Brady-doubters out there should know that he is first in the league in 3-point accuracy -- 46 percent, which is pretty frickin' high.