Monday, June 12, 2006


I got to watch part of this match on my lunch break and followed along online for the rest. Our Midfielders, particulary Damarcus Beasley, looked pretty bad at times. He turned the ball over a ton. One of the goals by Rosicky was, well, sick. It was a fantastic move and angle that he took. Few goalies could've handled it, maybe Oliver Kahn. Our strikers let us down. Reyna had a shot that hit the post by just an inch or two. It was unfortunate since it was early in the match and really let CZE take the momentum. From what I understand, the Czech team is pretty old. They were ranked #2 in the world, so we weren't favored, but it would've been nice to catch them a little later when they might've worn down a bit. Next up is Italy on Saturday which won't be easy either. We really need to tie them at least and then Clean up against Ghana to give us a real shot at advancing.


  1. America! F--k yeah!

  2. that's all you got on this Deron?

    For shame...

  3. I'm not the soccer expert on this panel.

    Now you know how I feel about all the one-line replies or non-replies to my elaborate basketball posts.