Monday, June 19, 2006


Not the best game ever (a theme with Brazil this Cup), but a win. The first goal, scored by Adriano on an assist from Ronaldo, was rather pretty.

As for Fred's goal, the shot the rebound of which he hit in came from my new favorite kid, that Robinho; just fun to watch.

Less pretty than expected, but those Canarinhos (little canaries) remain the team Yancies support.

Highlights here.

And oh, by the way: Dwyane Wade is just incredible. What a finish last night. Have to feel bad for Howard on that timeout, but really that 4th quarter and overtime were all Wade. . . .


  1. Sure, Yance. Always rooting for Goliath: Brazil and the Heat.

    I'm enjoying rooting for Team America ("F--k yeah!") since we aren't the Goliath in this context. Do you guys concur with the conventional wisdom that the U.S. got screwed by the officials in the Italy match? I didn't see the ejections...

    Speaking of questionable calls--Dwayayne (sp?) was outstanding but didn't deserve to be on the foul line at the end. The Mavs triple- or quadruple-teamed him on that last play, but instead of looking to an open man he tried to create something out of nothing and the refs bailed him out. That phantom call, and Wade's coolness at the FT line, was what won the game for Miami, not Howard's TO.

    Dirk's incredible shot with Shaq in his face on the previous play should have been the game-winner.

  2. How great was Jason Terry? I caught the second half (the most i've seen all season) and was really impressed with his play.

    Wade is great, but the rest of the heat (simien excluded) can bite me.

    Payton, Shaq, Williams, Walker, Haslem.

    An easy team to hate.

  3. Hate the game, not the playa . . .

    Um, did I say I was rooting for the Heat? Ah well, as for Brazil, that train has long since left . . . I invite you to enjoy the ride.

    Oh, one thing I did want to mention: you should be happy to hear, Ismail, that we enjoyed the Brazil game at the Red Lyon--beer and donuts (free, courtesy of Joe's) at 11am . . . mmm.

  4. I love the game and hate some, uh, playaz ... including those CR mentioned.

    And don't forget 'Zo Mourning, who bailed on New Jersey, the team that gave him his career back after the kidney surgery, once it appeared they would no longer be contenders.

    I do have to give credit to Pat Riley. They were mediocre all season up through Game 5 of the Chicago series; then somehow he flipped a switch and they've been excellent ever since, except Game 2 in Dallas.

    I'll stick with my earlier prediction and say Mavs in 7, but the series is now basically a tossup.

    No opinions on the officiating, hoops or soccer?

  5. I guess I'm not the only one complaining about the officiating in the Mavs/Heat game. Mark Cuban is being a jerk about it as usual, but he does have a point in this case: the Heat went to the line twice as many times as the Mavs (49 to 25), and Wade alone had as many trips as the entire Mavs team. Given this disparity, some frustration was inevitable.

    Speaking of Cuban, there are reports that he wants to hire Dan Rather. How's that for an unholy alliance?

  6. The ref in the Cup game was worse, IMO. How do you pull out that many cards in a game? The first "make-up" red card (which isn't supposed to happen in World Cup play) was absolute BS. Pope's 2nd was at least comprehensible, but still uncalled for. The Itailian guy deserved his for bloodying up McBride's face though.

    I've never heard an announcer say stuff before like "If you're going to sub a ref, now's the time to do it" or "Hopefully, this is this referee's last World Cup match." I guess supposedly this Uruguayan douchebag was busted in a corruption probe about 8 years ago.

    But the D-wade foul at the end was pretty ticky-tack. But I expect that stupid crap from the NBA.

  7. The phrase "Uruguayan douchebag" has a beautiful ring--it's like something William S. Burroughs would have come up with. Well crafted, SJ.

  8. yancy, everyone knows you're wacky for the heat and have been since they started in 1988 with Rony Seikaly & John Sundvold.

  9. Yancy may have been "wacky for the Heat since 1988" but I myself have been crazy from the heat since 1985.

    Sundvold and Seikaly are outstanding obscure hoops references, CR. Keep up the good work.