Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kaka, Kaka

Well, never mind about the US--Brazil is just fun to watch. Now maybe today's match wasn't the best (only one goal, by Kaká, pictured), and maybe Ronaldo (tied with Pele for number of goals scored in World Cup history, at 12--and only 3 from the all-time record (currently held by Gerd Muller of Germany)) was a bit flat-footed, but that team is fun to watch.

In particular: Ronaldinho is of course terrific, but I was impressed today with the young (22 yrs old) man who replaced Ronaldo late in the game, Robinho. That kid is damn fast, and Oh My what footwork. . . .

Highlights here. Brazil next plays Australia on Sunday the 18th at 18:00 Central European Time (I believe that's 12pm Eastern, 11am Central). You should watch.


  1. You should have entitled this thread "Kaka-licious," to continue your theme from yesterday. Then if the Heat won tonight, it could be "Shaq-a-licious."

    Sorry, I have nothing substantive to say about futbol. Yet I just have to run my mouth anyway.

  2. Fair enough. You really should watch Brazil on Sunday, though.

    I guess I was going for a Bottlerocket thing with Kaká's name, but I see your point about Shaq-diesel.

  3. Well, he wasn't exactly Shaq-a-licious last night, but irony of all ironies: he nailed two key free throws in crunch time while Nowitzki, who had a great game overall and is a great FT shooter, missed one that would have probably taken the game to OT.

    The Mavs were up by ten or twelve with just over five minutes left. I called Scott and left a message mocking him for picking Miami in the series--then I turn back to the game to see the Mavs choke it away.

    My foot's in my mouth again--I still predict a Mavs win in six or seven, though.