Friday, June 16, 2006

Amazing Albiceleste

Wow. Argentina beat Serbia-Montenegro today 6-0. Perhaps more impressive was the second goal scored by the Albiceleste (named for the white and blue of their jerseys): In the 31st minute, after a great pass into the box, Crespo hit it off his heel to Cambiasso for the score; beautiful. Highlights here.

A proud Diego Maradona looks on.

Brazil may still be everyone's favorite (and mine), but today Argentina looked like the team to beat.


  1. I did get to see that reverse assist on the second goal. Bravo!

    I don't have audio here--was the 5th goal knocked in by the Serb defender? Did I see that correctly?

    Nothing good ever seems to happen to the Serbs, but they tend to bring it on themselves, don't they?

  2. ... not to generalize or anything.