Saturday, June 10, 2006


Did anyone see the Trinidad & Tobago v. Sweden match? My goodness. Trinidad's keeper, Shaka Hislop, allowed no goals, despite Sweden's overwhelming 18 shots on goal. And keep in mind two things: Trinidad & Tobago had never played in a World Cup match before, and Hislop was a last-minute substitution. Incredible.
Oh, and now I just read that he's also the oldest player in this year's Cup, at 37 years and 108 days. Incredible.

I can't get any video highlights (FIFA has some complex coding), but you can see highlights here.
In any case, this picture really says it all:

As for Ismail's question (and I agree w/DGL--unassailable logic on Ghana), I don't see how the US can get past Italy and the Czechs. I believe it's Ghana's first World Cup, so that one looks winnable, but Italy? I would be quite surprised, actually, if the US beats anyone other than Ghana.

To be honest, I can't seem to focus on the NBA since the Cup is on; and, for better or worse, the games are on live in the morning, so I may not make it to the Lyon this year . . .


  1. He was brilliant in the goal. That was the most exciting scoreless sporting event I have ever seen. Did anyone catch the Mexico game today? That was a fun game to watch- I am not sure, however, if Mexico is any good, or if Iran is that bad. As to the Lyon- 9 am is a perfectly fine time to visit a bar! I am sure their coffee goes very well with the popcorn.

  2. I watched Mexico-Iran.
    I actually thought that the Iranian midfielders played an excellent game. It was just that the skill positions at goalie and striker were too weak. Those last two goals were due to the goalie's misjudgment.

    What was hilarious, though, was putting the TV on Telemundo, or Univision or whatever Lawrence has. They acted like they'd just won World War II. The party was on!!!

  3. I was wondering what it would take to lure you guys back here. Too bad this event happens only quadrennially ...

  4. I can't add much to this discussion, but I can say that the spelling is "Sweden."

  5. Okay, thanks for the heads up on "Sweeden."

    That Mexico game was pretty fun--but I think only the 2nd, but not the 3rd goal can be blamed on the keeper. Mexico is awfully good, and has scored more goals in qualifying games than anyone else.

    Alas, the US team is proving me right--though maybe that's for the best; we dominate the world in every other arena; I think we can afford to suck at fútbol.

    As for the NBA, I just hope Miami can make a series of it before it's too late.