Friday, May 05, 2006

Should we allow comments from visitors?

I've noticed on our sitemeter traffic results that we get a good bit of lurkers from KU. Maybe there is some interest from them and they could provide witty commentary. I don't think we are in danger of eclipsing anytime soon though. Please cast your vote.

Should we allow outsiders to comment on our posts?
No, Never!
Yes, Always.
Let's do it on a trial basis and see if we have to deal with retards.
I am abstaining.
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  1. You know, I'd bet good money that all of those are me in my office--in fact, the ISP address seems to match that of my office computer (at least for the visits this week).
    And yes, I do visit the blog quite often--Deron's commentary has become my first resource for all things basketball.

    That being said, I would welcome comments from any and all.

  2. That is, it matches my IP address. Whatever.

  3. So I guess the main question here is, should we allow Yancy to make comments?

    But seriously ... I'm voting no on this proposition because it could create extra administrative work that I'd rather not deal with.

    I like the fact that we don't hide comments, but that means that any outsider comments would have prominence on the page that they don't get on most sites, which could present problems. It would make it more likely that we'd want to remove outside comments in certain circumstances. I'd rather focus on our own content than try to monitor others.

    But if you guys want to override me and are willing to deal with the possible trolls and flamethrowers yourselves, then I don't object.

  4. with yancy's IP info, I want to change my vote

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