Monday, May 01, 2006

Damn You Carl Peterson!!!

Here's my take on the Chiefs draft, not that anybody here gives a f***. Overall, I give it a C. Watch the video afterwards. I didn't like the pick, but Bennie Pollard is apparently nicknamed the "Bonecrusher" I think the video explains it. Even if you hate football, the video is worth a look.

Rd. 1: Tamba Hali Hali , Penn St, DE = C no one has been able to convince me that this guy wouldn't have been available at 30 and if not someone with similar ability would've been there. I really hope he works out, because pass rush is one of our weakest areas.

Rd. 2: Bennie Pollard, Purdue, SS = F this guy was a 4th rounder according to nearly everyone. more than that he duplicates positions we already have. Total reach.

Rd. 3: Brodie Croyle, Alabama, QB = A great value. First QBOTF that has a real shot to be a QBOTF. like his ability and heart.Rd.

4: Herman Edwards (trade with Jets for coach) = B+ considering the player the Jets picked here maybe I could rate this pick higher.

Rd. 5: Marcus Maxey, FS/CB Miami = C FS candidate who is three steps slow. hopefully he will rock on SP teams.

Rd. 6. Tre Stallings, Ole Miss G / Jeff Webb, San Diego St WR = A+ As you can see from my new avy, I like the Webb pick. (it's an A+++, which averages out with my B excitement over Stallings to an A+). Stallings looks like he mightbe molded Svitek style.Rd.

7. Jarrad Page, UCLA, SS. = D- Did we really need another safety? he's sure to be cut, but at least someone else might've had a better shotat the scout team.


  1. plus I forgot to mention that the Chiefs signed a free agent after the draft, KU LB , Nick Reid.

  2. It's interesting that "Bonecrusher" is dancing and preening after making the hit even though his team gave up a first down on the play. That could say something about his devotion to the team concept.

  3. "Darrell Arthur told Dallas Fox 4 TV on Monday that KU was his leader. He indicated he might announce his decision live on the Dallas TV station on Sunday, May 14." -- today's LJW

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