Sunday, May 14, 2006

The pitch looked a little outside...



  1. I can't get this to play on my computer; in fact, I'm not even getting a still image, just a blank white window.

    Thus I can look at this screen and project onto it whatever I can conceive in my mind's eye. Hmm: "The pitch looked a little outside." The possibilities are endless.

    Thanks, Scott, for reminding us of the value of the imagination ...

  2. I think it was a clip of a guy throwing a bat at an umpire after a called third strike . . . maybe the imagined version would have been better, but if you want to see it, it's here on

  3. I'll leave it to my imagination.

    SJ, still waiting for your defense of Lebron as MVP. No assertion goes unchallenged on this blog.

  4. Deron did you follow the link?

    I put it there for your cruddy monitor, dude.

  5. Not so much my monitor as my media playback capabilities. I'm seeing it now, though.

    Still dissing me on the Lebron thing, Scott? Wow! I feel soundly rebuked.

  6. BTW, for anybody interested, this goon was the #1 overall pick in last years MLB draft. So he's the uh, Lebron of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.