Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NBA Action: It's ... Fantastic?

I know we've been ignoring a lot of Big 12 news in the last couple of weeks with posts about the NBA and prime-time legal dramas; we'll try to get back on track this week.

But first, since we've had some good NBA vs. NCAA arguments on this site, I think it should be noted that the NBA playoffs this year have been absolutely mind-blowing. At least nine games have gone into overtime, which is a record (I think last night makes ten); we've had three Game 7s in three nights; two series in which a team has come back from down 3-1 to tie and/or win; great performances from a host of stars including but not limited to Wade, Nowitzki, Nash, Lebron, Duncan, Kobe, Arenas, and Vince; and only about three uncompetitive series out of 12 total.

The Mavs-Spurs epic, which finally ended in overtime of Game 7 last night, is being hailed as one of the best playoff series ever. The Spurs came from 3-1 down, then came all the way back from 20 down last night before faltering in the extra inning.

As a Spurs partisan, I'm of course crushed this morning, but proud that they took it to the limit. And if they were going to lose, I'm glad it was to the Mavs, who were my first NBA love back in the '80s and who are coached by Avery Johnson, my favorite Spur from the '90s. Other than Mark Cuban, who can go to hell, they are a classy team and could give the Pistons fits.

The Spurs, by the way, are not necesarily done winning titles. Duncan is still only 30 or 31; Ginobili and Parker are still in their 20s. It's the supporting cast that's too old. They need to sign some younger energy guys in the offseason and they'll be OK.

In any case, the NBA playoffs this year could actually turn out to be more exciting than the NCAAs for once if these trends continue. There should be plenty of drama in the semifinals, and a Pistons-Mavs final could go another seven.


  1. Unfortunately I have only seen bits and pieces, but the Cavs run, the fact that the Clippers made it to the 2nd Round (are they still in?) the Lakers early exit, have all contributed to make this a pretty interesting playoffs.

    I hope it stays that way when I start to tune in.

  2. Click here to read Michael Wilbon completely agree with me about the quality of these playoffs (although he says there have been only nine OTs thus far).

    CR, this story will also inform you of the Clippers' fate.

    This, by the way, may serve as a model of superior sportswriting, since I'm in the habit of littering this blog with bad sportswriting (both Keegan's and my own). Despite being one of the shouting pundits on ESPN, Wilbon might just be the best writer in the profession.