Friday, March 21, 2008

Vikings have no answers for Jayhawks 85-61

Actually, I did not get to see the game since it was in the middle of the day. How did everyone look? The stats say Rush had a good game, did Arthur disappear again? Did Chalmers keep shooting the lights out like he did against TX? Collins?

I did watch the Powerkittens wear down USC (Which I picked in my bracket, heh, heh). When that Pullen kid is playing well in a game, Beasley and Walker are too much. Walker was great in that game, on D and O. That was the best defense I've seen them play I think.


  1. Also, Yancy, I restored your admin privileges. I don't know what happened there. Does anyone else need admin access?

  2. Scott parachutes in to save the day! Could you give Aaron posting privileges, please? (I think he's earned it.)

    I didn't see the KU game either, but the stat lines look good, w/ two exceptions: 4 turnovers from Russell and 1-6 at the line for Sasha (after a poor game from the stripe against UT as well). Well, at least he's drawing a lot of fouls.

    Bad, bad day for my brackets. K-State definitely showed me up. That will be quite a contrast of styles vs. Wisconsin.

    My upset picks are busts so far, unless you count A&M as an upset. Interesting that the only lower seeds advancing were Big 12 teams, but not the one I wanted: Baylor.

    My upset specials for today (since I was so Nostradamus-like yesterday): Butler, Siena, Davidson.

  3. Love that pic, by the way.

  4. Thanks, Scott!

    I sent Aaron an official 'author' invite.

    I did see most of the game--almost half while it was on, then half on the 'net later (it's finals week, and everyone deserves a little break, right?).

    (On the one hand, I hate that CBS switches arbitrarily, and that no matter how many regional CBS channels the sports bar has, you just can't stay with a game the 1st two days. On the other hand, every game is free online, both live and in archived versions later in the day, which is pretty cool . . .)

    Oh, so anyway, I thought that in general we looked good--they played some zone, which confused us briefly, but then our 3-point shooting set things right again.
    Some odd defensive break-downs in the first half; allowed something like three easy lay-ups in a row. We did seem to shut down their guards, though, which may explain some of that.

    And we slowed down in the second half, but that's no big deal (is it?) since we were up by 23 at the half.

    21 assists on 33 field goals is pretty good (no 25-26, but that Texas game was something special).

    Anyway, how about the Runnin' Rebels? Judging by their stats, they don't run so much lately. Looks to me like our main concern should be controlling the tempo . . .

    As for brackets, I picked Georgia and Temple (on one bracket, at least) yesterday, so today's my conservative day: Arkansas is the only thing like an upset that I've picked for today.

  5. "The Jayhawks advanced to face UNLV in the second round Saturday. They'll have some new fans from the West Coast cheering them on.

    "I told B-Rush to win it for us so it doesn't look so bad," Portland State's Dupree Lucas said with a laugh. "Those guys were cool. It wasn't like they were out there trash talking or anything. . .

    "This is definitely an experience I'll cherish," said Tiefenthaler, a sophomore. "It's a first for me and hopefully not a last. We want to come back next year ... hopefully get a higher seed and get a win, maybe two. . .

    "Those guys are pretty big compared to the people in our league," Portland State's Andre Murray said. "And they're a team. They've been together two, three, four years. They all move the ball pretty good, and that gave us a lot of trouble." - AP

    Another good photo.

  6. Since there will be no actual Jayhawk
    basketball today . . .
    a cool video on the big 12 tourney championship - with a little history as well.

  7. Didn't care for the music on that, but ah, the memories... Still love that save by Sherron and the bewildered look on Barnes' face afterward.

    And it was nice that they integrated a little Bob Davis audio.

    American showing some life early on against the Vols...

  8. And still fighting in the 2nd (Eagles, I mean): within 1 with 17:00 left.

  9. And what the h**l is going on in this Drake game?

    Down by 16? to a 12 seed? Now OT? not bad at all.

  10. All right; I'll quiet down.

    But did you see that last shot by Western Kentucky? Wow.

  11. Oh! Great finish for W. KY... Finally a few of my picks starting to come through.

    Too bad American blew it; that's now two damned entertaining #2-#15 games so far.

  12. Will there be a third? UMBC tied with G'town with 11:25 left in the 1st.

  13. And Austin Peay only down 19-3!

  14. Ha!

    Hoyas may be pulling away . . .

  15. Butler is winning -- one of my upset picks except I just realized that's not an upset. Davidson came through for me, though.

  16. SI has yet another great pic from yesterday here. Oh, mercy.

  17. Great photo.

    Did you see that dunk? I'm almost positive it was the put-back around 11:20 in the 2nd. It's on the cbs highlight reel.

    Yeah, my brackets are shot after today, looks like. Been fun, though. How about San Diego?

  18. As long as your Final 4 are still alive, you're never out of it, YHD.

    You're right, the photo is from the last of those CBS highlights. Interesting; in the photo DJ is cocked back like he's just going to shatter the backboard, but in the video he actually opts to finesse it through. Classy move, I think.

  19. Siena looking good...I knew i should've picked them.