Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Fever?

You wouldn't know it from this blog, but it is actually tournament time. Howzabout a little enthusiasm?

Can the 'Hawks drub Nebraska three times in a season? Seems like a favorable matchup.

Other things are not going our way so far; all the other potential #1s have advanced yesterday and today -- Tennessee by the skin of their teeth. Texas just finished off OSU.

Tough draw for KU assuming a win today: it's either KSU or A&M tomorrow. The good thing, though, is the tourney's back in KC. I hope this snazzy new arena will draw a few NCAA tournament games back to the area in the coming years -- dare I say a Final Four?


  1. Feels good to me--and I think if last did anything for me, it made me see that being a 1 ain't always great, and being a 2 ain't necessarily awful.

    I would say that if we win out, a 1 seems earned, though I'm not sure that playing hard for three days is really a fair trade for that seeding. Maybe we roll NU and then lose in a close game tomorrow? Wait, no, I take that all back--losing is unacceptable. And damn near unimaginable, the way we've looked recently.

  2. That's last *season* I meant to say in that opening sentence . . .

  3. Whew! Both Nebraska and A&M really showed me something; this is a good tune-up for the Big Dance.

    We're still turning the ball over too much and not controlling the boards against the bigger teams. I guess we just have to accept that's who we are; those are the weaknesses we'll just have to play through.

    Sherron and Shady didn't look so good this time, but Brandon and Darnell were awesome. Now, can we do it to Texas a third year in a row?

    And finally one of the other big boys goes down -- the Vols fall to the Hogs. This could be just what we needed to get that 1 seed if all goes well tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to that one...

  4. I thought Sherron played well, just can't hit a mid range jumper.

    Also, Cole and Kaun were solid.

    Nice to beat A&M when they brought their A game.

    What with DUKE, TENN, G-TOWN going down, we're starting to look like we might slip into the 1 spot.

    And I'll slip this in for Deron.

  5. I would also just like to point out that right now, we are 30-3. Pretty cool.

  6. Very, very cool.

    I think, by the way, that the team(s) and commentators are right: the real rivalry is KU/UT. Great history--did you realize we've split the last 8 years of regular season games? So far we have the edge in the big 12 tourney. Here's hoping we hold that edge.

    Even if this game doesn't in the end matter, I'm already loving it.

  7. A number I like:
    1: our seed. Well-earned respect.

    A number I like less:
    9:25am, Pacific Daylight Time: tip-off for round one . . .
    But don't worry--schools out, so (assuming I can find a bar that will let me in at nine in the morning) I'll be watching.

    Awesome, awesome game today.