Friday, March 28, 2008

Domination Friday!

Wow. My teams rocked tonight. I've never seen an Izzo team so thoroughly beaten as Memphis did to him inthe 1st half. Neitzel was totally shut down (three points) thanks to shutdown D by Anderson.
Jayhawks not too shabby either. Robinson played an outstanding 1st half and good D on Reynolds too. Got to rest a bit before we take on the Stephen Curry Sensation. That guy was awesome today. I've got faith that Russ Rob and Rush can bother him though.


  1. I like your recurring motif of depressed mascots.

    So much for Michigan State, huh? I can't believe you guys dispatched them more easily than KU did 'Nova.

    The KU game was interesting; it seemed like we were brilliant for about 15 minutes and then went into conservative mode for the rest of the game -- who would have thought Case would log so many minutes? Surely Self must have been already looking ahead to Curry -- our guards should have fresh legs for Sunday, and they're gonna need 'em.

    So, not too exciting, but maybe a good strategy to just sort of phone it in for the second half. It was pretty clear from the beginning that the Cats weren't in our league.

    (The Big 12, that is -- only conference w/ two Elite 8 teams. Woo-hoo!)

    Davidson has me a little nervous, on the other hand, but at this stage of the tourney there's no escaping it -- you've got to "beat the best to be the best."

    Onward and upward.

  2. Not much to add. I too like the mascots; and I agree that our game was maybe not the most exciting (maybe Sido's right about Sherron?). . .

    those ally-oops sure are fun to see, though.
    And every one's an assist.
    16 assists on 24 field goals for the game--the kind of stat I can get behind.

    Speaking of fun to see, the espn and cbs highlights both feature plenty of those dunks.

    Looks like as long as we can fight through or switch well on Davidson and their screen-crazy O we should be okay. That and take a little better care of the ball--18 turnovers is all right against 'Nova, apparently, but I doubt that the same would be true against Davidson.

  3. Sherron did indeed catch that tonsilitis.

    Doug Gottlieb pointed out that we better not have 18 turnovers against Davidson. That's how they get Curry hot, they find him in transition and after offensive rebounds - not just in set plays when there's a man guarding him.

    So we're going to have to take better care of the ball.

    Of course, we wouldn't want 18 turnovers against anyone in the Elite 8.

    As Yancy pointed out to me in a text last night - 3 Elite Eights in 5 years. Not bad, Bill Self.

  4. Here we go: come on Xavier!

    Even if I did pick the Bruins, I'm happy to root for Chris' bracket this afternoon.

  5. Damn.

    At least I can't complain about teasing this time . . .

  6. Cardinals making a game out of it in the 2nd.

  7. Too bad about Texas (sorry, Scott). If Packer says "penetrate and kick" one more time I'm going to lose it . . .

  8. Too bad about Texas, for the Big 12 and my already irrelevant brackets.

    But congrats to Calipari, he finally got Memphis there, and this team doesn't seem soft regardless of their conference.

    Now, more pressure on Self as we need to break two records (Self never been to FF, and there's never been a FF with 4 one seeds) to get there.