Tuesday, March 04, 2008



  1. Well, does it get any better than that? I think that's about 25 Senior Night wins in a row for the Jayhawks, but that has to be the best one ever.

    Fifteen guys score, 6 in double figures, every senior gets on the board, a school-record 9 threes in the second half, 27 team assists, Robinson perfect from the field, worst drubbing in Tech history -- I could go on and on.

    It's almost impossible to say what the best moment was: Russell's NBA 3 off the no-look dish from Mario? Mario's circus alley-oop assist to Shady? Case's third 3 in a row, which put us up by 50? Or maybe it was the usually cold-shooting Rodrick's beautiful jump-stop 3 just after that? (If Brandon had made that shoeless 3-pointer earlier in the game, that might have been the topper.)

    Highlights here.

    Bad Keegan Quote of the Month: "Case had nine points and two assists that led to five points by the time the last grain of sand dropped in the egg timer."

  2. Message from Aaron:

    ... the last few times I tried to post a comment it wouldn't let me. I think I was trying to use the wrong password. If Scott or whoever would make me a contributor I would really appreciate it... and I'd probably post more.

    The K State game was the loudest I've ever heard it in the fieldhouse and the Tech game was just awesome. You can actually see me in the first pic of the game on the blog. That's me right between the legs of the #4 (maybe 14) player on Tech.

    Scott, can you help me out with getting Aaron on the list? Or tell me how to do it?

  3. Yeah, Scott--wtf? Where you at? Hook Aaron up! S**t.

    Hell of a three-day swing. First K-State, then the biggest blowout in Kansas' conference play history. What is that, like a hundred and five years?

    I guess I understand why Self might have been a little upset, or felt a little bad for Tech, but I have to say that I really enjoyed every minute of that game.

    Deron has a pretty good list going of some of the best moments. The only one I'd add would be DJ, hitting his free throw, doing his triple tap, and then leaving the game to a standing ovation. Chills just thinking about it now.

  4. We've now been Scott-free for fully a month. That would be OK if the month were, say, July...

    Ismail, too.

  5. Wow. Nice find, Chris. Who knew Sasha had so much in common with DJ? I'm starting to miss these guys already...

    BIG game Saturday in College Station. Not only is the conference title on the line, but it's also one of those "swing" games: winning could put us in position for a 1 seed, losing could put us at risk of dropping to a 3.

    We certainly SHOULD beat A&M, but... it's senior night for Joseph Jones and Dominique Kirk, so the crowd and players will be amped up and the refs will be sympathetic.

    I'm going to predict a KU victory, though, because (a) we're the better team, (b) we'll be motivated to get that big road win that's eluded us, and (c) A&M will be complacent, having won their big revenge game against Baylor, which probably assured them a tournament bid.

    Wishful thinking? Maybe.

  6. Great story. You're right about the chills. And graduating with a computer science degree. Deron's right: wow.

    I think Deron's also right about today's game--we are better, and it would be a huge win for us; and anyway, we owe them for last year.

    On another note: I had Scott on the phone briefly, but he "had to go" just as I was bringing up blogging issues. . . . Will keep trying; maybe we can get things straight by tournament time.