Friday, December 21, 2007

Hawk on Hawk Action

Was anyone else as surprised as I was to learn about Miami (Ohio)'s schedule?

They've beaten Xavier. They also beat Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign. Rough year for the Illini, I know, but still. . . . They did lose to Dayton, USC, and Louisville--but only by a combined total of eight points.

What really surprised, me, though, is this: with the exception of Arizona (3), Miami (Ohio) has the highest RPI rating of any team we've played so far (39).

The game's at Allen, and I guess I'm not worried, but *if* we can win, this looks like a quality win, doesn't it?

I agree, by the way, dgl, that we can't beat quality teams if we play the way we did in the closing minutes of the GT game; but it is nice to see that our lowest (I hope that's our lowest!) is still pretty decent.

But come on, am I the only one with love for the high-kick? Anyone?


  1. Don't know if you guys can get the game where you are at, but the audio is all f'ed up. Then the screen flashes green a lot.

    I'm glad this isn't one of our marquee games.

  2. Yeah, we saw flashing and no sound too.

    But the team looked great. So much for their streak of holding teams under 70!

  3. On another positive note, my Memphis Tigers looked awesome in the second half after they pulled away from #4 Georgetown.

    It was a hotly contested first half, and then Cal made adjustments vs.the zone that picked it apart. It didn't hurt that Rose and Allen went on separate 3 point shooting binges either.

    I still think KU is the better Defensive team though, mostly because they have extra bigs to throw at teams, but also because Chalmers and Robinson are maybe the best pair in the country as on-ball defenders.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas-all.

  4. Merry Xmas to you as well.

    Congrats to Memphis -- are they looking at an undefeated regular season?

    And yes, Yancy -- I salute Mario for his Fred Astaire move.