Thursday, December 06, 2007

Brandon Rush taken into custody (not April Fools)

Brandon Rush taken into custody on traffic warrants

Law enforcement officials have taken Kansas junior guard Brandon Rush into custody.

City prosecutor Jerry Little confirmed just before 3 p.m. Thursday, Rush appeared in Lawrence Municipal Court to take care of a traffic matter. According to Little, Rush had outstanding warrants and the judge ordered him to be transported to the Douglas County Jail.

Rush was arrested on two warrants for failing to appear in municipal court. He’s charged in one case with driving with a suspended license and speeding on Oct. 19, 2007. He also faces charges from a December 2006 case for driving on the left of a roadway and having no proof of insurance.

Rush was supposed to appear in municipal court on Nov. 28 but failed to show up. He was not scheduled to appear in municipal court today.

More details as they develop.


  1. What really bothers me about this story (nice scoop, though, on this one, JSJ) is the distraction from the fact that DJ had another great game yesterday against Eastern Washington.

    I hate to sound like a broken record, or to use clichés like "broken record," but seriously, DJ is the man.
    6-8 from the floor, 5-8 from the line, 17 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal . . . incredible--and he only played 25 minutes.

  2. (Scott has now become the Greta Van Susteren of Jayhawk Nation. Or, worse, the Nancy Grace).

    I didn't realize Brandon was such a friggin' scofflaw. I'm going to say ... 2-game suspension?

    And who should get his minutes? My vote goes to ... Conner Teahan, who after last night is now 9 of 11 from 3-point land on the season and has scored 31 points in 25 total minutes of play. (Also, he has no moving violations, so far as we know.)

  3. Two sounds reasonable. And we'd have him back for GT that way . . .

    Don't you worry that giving Teahan more minutes would break the spell?

    Though at this point our guards are a dwindling group--if we do replace Brandon Rush with a walk-on, though, these next couple of games might be more interesting than I'd like.

    I do remember that Moody was a walk-on, but that can't keep happening every other year (can it?).

  4. I wasn't being entirely serious about Teahan, and yet ...

    I feel a sense of anticlimax now that our two toughest noncon games are in the books; G-Tech and Boston College don't look as good on the schedule as they would have last season. Maybe it'll be more fun and character-building to play with some handicaps for the next month.

    And maybe Teahan can take Moody's crown as greatest walk-on in basketball history...

  5. yeah I agree 2-3 games. I think Reed and Rod Stewart get the minutes, or we might go big and play Arthur, Kahn, and Jackson together. I could see self doing that and letting Aldridge get some more minutes in the 2nd unit.

  6. Guess we were wrong:
    "Bill Self issued a statement on the arrest of junior guard Brandon Rush and said he would not be suspended for Saturday's game in Allen Fieldhouse against DePaul" (from