Monday, December 10, 2007

Demons Out!

Now this, my friends, is a highlight reel. And click here for a closer look at DJ's skywalking alley-oop. That one is a close second to Chalmers' game-clinching circus-trey at USC for Play of the Year, so far.

Much is being made of Mario flirting with a quadruple-double, but really, if you fall short in 3 of the 4 categories I'm not sure it's worth talking about.

Buried in the same article is a more impressive fact: Nine games into his junior season, Mario's already 4th on the alltime KU steals list! If he stays through next year (big "if"), he should break Darnell Valentine's record easily.

As Mario acknowledges, Russell's suffocating pressure D has paved the way for a lot of those steals. And while we're praising Russell: the most impressive stat of the DePaul game might be his 9 assists.

On another note: an early look at the still unfinished '08-'09 schedule reveals visits to Arizona and Michigan State, with Tennesee coming to the Fieldhouse plus potential matchups against Florida or Syracuse in the CBE Classic. This is the kind of schedule we should have every year, but would have been more appropriate for this year's team or last year's team -- if next year's group is as young and green as I think it might be, it's going to be rough sledding.


  1. Another good reel here, this one focusing exclusively on our dunks, including Russell's first-ever.

    "OH! And you were saying, Ron?"

  2. Great post, Deron. Sorry about the silence (again). (Final exam time, you know?)

    Excellent video finds, though; and I agree about Mario's stat line.

    You sure are hard to please when it comes to scheduling.