Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good News and Less Good News

First, just now breaking over the wires: Man-genius is the AP Coach of the Year! He beat out Gary Pinkel by 11 votes. Poor Pinkel.

More good news, in basketball: another road win against major-conference competition, and the record is 11-0. None too shabby.

Not-so-great news: We played poorly down the stretch in this game, no two ways about it. No way a team as mediocre as that should have taken us to the wire (esp. since, frankly, every crucial call went our way). Our guards are showing a propensity to cough the ball up at innopportune moments; it happened at USC as well. This shouldn't still be a problem now that we have mostly juniors and seniors running the show.

Another problem was our lack of inside presence on offense. There was no high-low whatsoever; just incessant driving-and-dishing, driving-and-dishing.

On the plus side, however, Russell shot the ball better than he ever has. And also, there was this:

I have no words for this other than just ... Damn!

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