Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring of Discontent

Sorry we've been down so long. I think everyone's been busy, not to mention a little depressed about recent events in the KU hoops universe.

As if losing Julian and probably Brandon isn't enough, a rumor has been circulating that Self might leave to coach the SuperSonics (featuring Nick Collison) if that team were to relocate to OKC. Self is vehemently denying it, so I'll (warily) take him at his word.

Another potential problem: Rush's late (and still indefinite) departure decision leaves Self with no time to recruit any replacements. Sherron says he's upset with Brandon for leaving. On the bright side, I think there's still a chance he could come back; Keegan talked to a scout who said that B-Rush is merely one of about 50 guys with first-round potential in this draft.

Even without him, next season should be a good one. Luke Winn places us at fifth in his power rankings, factoring in the departures. And I know you're all glad to hear that I probably won't be bitching about next year's schedule, which will feature games against Arizona and (on the road) USC, BC, Georgia Tech, Texas and OSU. That's five more marquee road games than we had in '06-7.

Despite the lack of titles (19 freaking years and counting), ESPN charitably lists Kansas as one of the top ten programs of the last ten years. Small consolation, that.

By the way, I've discontinued our NBA playoffs coverage after it was met with massive, widespread apathy last year, but I should note that KU players did exceptionally well in the first round: Drew Gooden and Scot Pollard for Cleveland, Jacque Vaughn for San Antone, and especially Kirk Hinrich for 'da Bulls in their waxing of Wade, Shaq and co. (Unfortunately, Kirk's taking a waxing himself at the hands of Detroit in the second round, but those other guys are hanging in).


  1. Hey now: the Bulls did win one! & it looks like Kirk was back in it too: 19 points, 10 assists.

    Now, my phrase "looks like" does suggest that you're right, Deron, about the apathy: even as a purported Bulls fan, now living only 3 hours from Chicago, I still somehow managed to forget to watch the game yesterday. . . . Can they do it again Tuesday, in the suburbs of Detroit? Hope so (maybe I'll even try to watch this one).

    It seems crazy to me that Self would leave for the Sonics; but many things I think of as crazy do happen anyway (see, for example, the 2004 election).

    Glad to hear you're okay with the schedule, DGL; that whole 'tournament' thing seems a little dicey, but more games can only help, no?

  2. Sorry: "dicey" sounds wrong. "Sketchy," let's say, or perhaps "dodgy."

  3. ...and now it's 3-2 Pistons, with a chance to tie back in Chicago. The tension mounts.

    This "Jayhawk Invitational" could be a problem if it just becomes a venue for scheduling more home games against cupcake teams. But if it involves a 'Zona-caliber matchup every year, I'm all for it.

  4. Damn Pistons.

    Well, nice that the Bulls at least made a series out of it. And nice that Kirk is there as the Bulls have their best year since MJ.