Tuesday, May 29, 2007

B-Rush Is Back!

Brandon's decision to return to Kansas hasn't gained much national attention yet, but I'd think it would pole-vault us right back in to preseason 1 or 2 status. I'll still miss Julian, but in terms of the components of our team, Brandon would have been the more difficult guy to replace.

(Granted, some polls had us at 1 or 2 preseason last year, but I think this year such a ranking would be more legitimate.)

A couple of caveats: first off, how serious is the injury that presumably sealed Rush's return? The worst-case scenario seems to be that he won't be ready to play again until November; that obviously would hurt his development and preparation going into next season.

The other issue is that there will be more and more pressure to get Sherron into the starting lineup; still, that's a good problem to have.

But assuming Rush is healthy for his junior season, the question is: Are we better than Carolina? The correct answer is: Yes.


  1. Ah, our missives have crossed, Mr Lee.

    Here's my comment, from below:
    And now, the bad news: Coach Self today confirmed that Rush tore his ACL. That's a bad (4-6 months recovery) injury. Not career-ending, but bad.

    Should be okay come basketball season, but there's not much margin for error here. . . .

    Nonetheless, this has to put us in the preseason top-5, no?

  2. Yeah, I saw that within minutes of finishing my post: the worst-case scenario.

    It's unfortunate that he won't be able to work on his game much in the offseason. Still, if he can get back at least to his 2006-7 level while other guys continue to improve (I'm looking at you, "Shady") that may be all we need to get over the top.

  3. Rush will be out only four to six months. Or possibly a year.

    Of course, if his '07-'08 season ends up being severely compromised by injury, who's to say he doesn't return for a senior campaign?

  4. Hey, we're poised now for a 3-Jayhawk NBA Finals series, if Gooden and Pollard, with some assistance from that Lebron guy, can close out Detroit Saturday. Jacque has already valiantly led the Spurs to the Western Conference title.

    Stay tuned.