Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Non-Con Schedule, NBA Draft

The non-conference schedule was released yesterday, and as promised, it looks like a distinct improvement. Three of those "Jayhawk Invitational" home opponents have not been identified -- presumably they'll be patsies -- but we've earned those indulgences with a 'Zona home game and road trips to G-Tech, BC, and USC, (which as we've noted adds phenom O.J. Mayo to the squad that ended Kevin Durant's college career).

(Plus, as we've also noted before, the conference schedule will include visits to Austin and Stillwater this time).

As for the draft: Ismail! Are you out there? Any comments on your JailBlazers stealing Greg Oden?

And presumably Durant is also going to the Pacific Northwest, joining Collison in Seattle--the very team Self was rumored to be interested in coaching. The addition of Durant would make that job a great deal more appealing to Self, but the good news is, it would now also be appealing to some bigger names, like Larry Brown or a Van Gundy. Plus, Durant's arrival might renew Seattle's interest in the team, preventing the move to OKC that would have supposedly been a plum for Self.

Any thoughts on draft status of Wright and Rush? The picks are always so unpredictable once you get out of the high lottery. CNNSI has them going at 10 and 14, respectively. Fox Sports has Julian at 13, with Rush not on the list (but this one only covers the 14 lottery picks).

Brandon will be thrilled with anything close to the lottery, but if Julian is only at 10 or higher (as appears quite likely) one still has to ask: Why this year? You said you wanted and needed three college seasons; you never proved yourself in tournament play; and with what is sure to be a weaker draft class in '08 you'd have had an excellent shot at the top five...

Alas, the agent has been hired, the damage done. Ah, what might have been.


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  2. This news may deserve its own post, but Rush today withdrew from the draft!

    That's big news; no real surprise, given the stacked draft this year, but big, good news for the Crimson and Blue.

    I agree with Deron RE Wright; shame we couldn't have the whole team back, and it's hard to imagine another year at KU doing anything but helping his prospects.
    But hey, Rush! We thought one year, we get 3!

    Not to be a wet blanket (?), but that Arizona game has been on the schedule for a long time: since long before the "Invitational," and even longer that the Big 12/Pac 10 thing (for which it's doing double-duty). So all the Invitational adds is more games, presumably against inferior teams. . . .
    You're right, though, DGL: schedule looks good overall.

    (PS, is this blog freezing anyone else's browser? what's happened?)

  3. And now, the bad news: Coach Self today confirmed that Rush tore his ACL. That's a bad (4-6 months recovery) injury. Not career-ending, but bad.

    Should be okay come basketball season, but there's not much margin for error here. . . .

    Nonetheless, this has to put us in the preseason top-5, no?