Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Monday, or the Biggest Monday?

Here we are, #7 Kansas hosting #3 Baylor.

Current Big 12 Player of the Week Perry Jones III vs. current Big 12 Player of the Week Tyshawn Taylor.

Could the stakes be higher?
Actually, they probably could. But this should be a hell of a game!

Thoughts, Nation?


  1. I'm not going to lie. I'm a little bit excited.

    The ESPN crawl has been showing that the last five opponents to walk into the Phog ranked in the Top 5 have gone down. Also, our guys should be motivated by the desire to take the lead in conference AND to stick it to Scott Drew for his dickish behavior two years ago.

    By the way, we haven't talked about it much but this has to be the best schedule I've ever seen a KU team play. We have played, or will play, four of the current Top 5 in the nation.

  2. Wait, scratch that, we have five of the Top 6 on our schedule. AND we play Baylor and Mizzou twice each, so that's seven games against the current Top 6. When it gets to March we're gonna be battle-hardened -- hopefully not too scarred.

  3. Uh-huh. Oh yeah. Not in our house.

    Now 2-2 vs. the Top 6. And 4-2 vs. the AP Top 25.

  4. A great schedule, and a great game last night. By far the toughest schedule since I've been following KU, and I really like the playing everyone twice version of the conference.

    And I really, really like Tyshawn and TRob turning a Big Monday matchup against the #3 team into a highlight reel.

    Oh yeah indeed!

  5. We have to play them again? Ruh roh.

    It's ridiculous that as tough as this schedule has been, most of the toughest games are yet to come. We haven't played a really good opponent on the road yet, and we have to do that at least 4 times.

    This Tyshawn question continues to intrigue and confound. The conventional wisdom is that he was having a spotty season and then turned it around in the last few games. But Yancy has been heroically standing up for the kid all year, and Self said last night that he's actually had a very good season. The only thing that keeps me skeptical is those turnovers -- he still had five of them vs. Baylor. Will he ever get that assist-to-TO ratio up to respectable levels -- or will he be able to keep canceling it out with scoring production? I can't wait to find out.

  6. Gotta admit, Tyshawn bailed us out in the last couple of games. Maybe he's finally getting it together?

  7. Now you're talkin', Scott!

    That said, I am generally inclined to agree with Coach Self, so I'll continue to play the hero and insist that TT has been pretty solid throughout. Turnovers, sure, but just to focus on the Baylor game for the moment, I'd argue that at least two of TT's Monday TO's were unavoidable and as close to acceptable as TO's can be...

    In any case, it'll definitely be fun to see how this season plays out!

  8. Also, defying my doubts about this team's outside shooting, TT is something like 45 percent from distance right now. This is incredible esp. considering it's like 10 points better than his career average. The downside is that the law of averages says that has to tail off a bit -- doesn't it? -- and if he starts missing shots those turnovers hurt us more and more.

    Another point we haven't talked about, but which Dickie V. is trumpeting: T-Rob for POY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE'S A PTP-er, BABY!