Friday, December 23, 2011

... And Back to Where We Belong!

I guess my reaction is almost opposite yours, DGL. I'd call Davidson the anomalous game. USC seems more like what I'd expect from this team: not always pretty, and a rotating cast of scorers (though EJ has been looking more and more solid lately), but solid wins against decent teams—and on the road even!

Anyway, just to quibble a bit more with the previous dooming and glooming, according to ESPN, TT is averaging 50% from outside, Teahan 41%, and EJ 33%. I for one am pretty happy with those numbers.

Now, I missed the first half last night (darn birth classes!), but what I saw in the 2nd looked pretty good: Johnson had some great athletic plays, and TRob continues to shine, even against double-teams. Good stuff.


  1. Merry Christmas, Yance. Thanks for injecting some good cheer into the mix.

    I think if you had seen the first half vs. USC, you might not be quite so upbeat. The first 20 minutes were an ugly slog, and it was clear that this Trojans squad just isn't good at all yet it took us forever to get any kind of offensive rhythm.

    You're right that Tyshawn's shooting has been good. But that's partly because he's been selective; outside shooting is not his focus or his strength, IMO. We need those other two guys to be more consistent than they have been.

    Anyway, the good news is that I'll get to analyze these guys more closely when I visit KS next week: One of my Xmas presents was a ticket to the K-State game at the Phog. Woo-hoo!

  2. And then there was Howard. Wow.

    (Also: is it down to just DGL and me? Is that what our Nation has become?)

    I mean, Merv Lindsay--who knew?

    But for better or worse, my favorite post-game quote in this article was Self's comment about his impatient celebrity guests. And, in fairness, House has been a pretty good show over the years.

    Anyway, the K-State game is an amazing present! I'm looking forward to your sideline comments. Enjoy!

  3. I love Self playing the catty, spurned superfan. It's only, like, my favorite show OF ALL TIME!

    Hugh Laurie aside, I always thought House was pretty silly. It would have been cooler if Self wanted to meet Wilde to discuss her grandfather Claud Cockburn's Communist essays in the '30s.

  4. Silly? This may not be the forum, but I would just say that House is clearly the best Sherlock Holmes adaptation (or is "homage" a better word here?) since Jeremy Brett's, and I'd take it over the recent big-screen tries any day.

  5. No, Holmes was never such an a-hole.

  6. Scott James1:08 PM

    I thought we looked ok against the Purple Power kittens. Tyshawn still sucks. I still say we're a 5-7 seed in the tourney.

    I'm a little afraid of the disgust that might come from getting swept by Mizzou this year. Ugh.

  7. Man, Tyshawn is awesome. You're better than that, Scott.

    PS, great to see you on here!

  8. Scott James9:24 AM

    i guess we've been spoiled by steady PG's. Robertson to Boschee to Hinrich to Miles to Chalmers. We no longer have an elite PG, and although I don't think Tharpe is the long term answer, he is steadier IMO than Taylor. Taylor gives you altheticism and can put pressure on the ball on D, but he is atrocious on the other end of the floor. We need a floor leader.

    Yancy: good to be back. I'm going to try to comment more.

    I listened to the OU game on radio, but it sounds like we had an outstanding first 10 minutes of the second half, just dominating on D. We could have rebounded better, but a nice effort. Good to see Mizzou pick up that first L against K State too.

  9. I assume Scotty's comment came before Mizzou was humbled by those same Power Kittens on Saturday. Now we're only ranked one behind them -- and we're ahead in conference.

    As for Tyshawn, you're both right. He is awesome, and then he sucks, and then he is awesome again. Not to blow my own horn, but this post from last year still applies.