Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hooked 'Em

Uncle Greg's postgame report from the stands in Austin: "Holy canoly."

Tyshawn continues his hot streak, makes the go-ahead play -- and this time, no turnovers. Oddly enough, this morning I saw the documentary about TT's high school team in Jersey and their coach Bobby Hurley. Ty, as a senior, recovered after breaking two fingers in midseason, and led the team to a 32-0 record and the title. Then consider that he's lost all of about 16 games in his entire KU career: Of all the things that have been said about the kid over the years, it must also be said that he's a winner.

We also saw some flashes from EJ. It's strange how he disappears for long stretches, but he stepped up and made huge shots vs. Duke and Texas.

Really sweet bit in the LJW wrap-up about Angel Morris coming down to be with T-Rob. (I appreciated the late-Stones reference in the headline. I also would have accepted "Start Me Up," or "Tattoo You" in honor of T-Rob's arms, or if we had lost, "Shattered.")

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  1. Great point about TT. And I agree about Angel Morris.

    Meanwhile, we're #5 in both polls and Vegas thinks we'll win tonight by 18 and move to 7-0 in Big 12 play. Turning into quite a season!