Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Any Cause for Optimism in 2011-12?

We're back after a depressing offseason following a depressing early exit -- conference defections, ineligible freshmen, recruiting misses, player suspensions, football futility.

Now at least the games have started up again. But is there any cause for hope after our boys struggled to beat Pitt State? Not much, I fear.

Nine turnovers for Tharpe? (Deron grimaces, tugs collar nervously.)

And I can't give much credence to Withey's triple-double. The Jayhawk big man overachieving against preseason D-2 competition is now a longstanding, and predictable, pattern.

The good news is that Teahan apparently kicked ass, and we won despite being severely depleted. For now, I'll take it. TT, EJ and T-Rob return soon -- as do my fellow bloggers, I hope.


  1. I watched the second half and was impressed by the athletic ability of Tharpe; and Releford looked pretty good (except at the free throw line). Emily watched it all and was shaking her head over the first half when I arrived...

    I agree about Withey, especially with respect to the blocks and boards. But he earned the points, which seems promising.

  2. Hopefully the first half was his nadir. Which in turn would ensure that I never use that pun again.

  3. Catch any of last night's dismantling of Ft. Hays St.?

    TRob looked great, and the more I see Tharpe, the more optimistic I feel...

  4. Maybe there is cause for optimism after all? Still haven't seen a game yet; I'm working a late schedule now so I'm going to have to steal glances when I can during these night games...

  5. Come on! I watched the whole Towson game and this is all the buzz I get?

    Plus, who will write a post about tomorrow's KU/UK matchup?

  6. I'm not hugely optimistic about the game itself, but I'm excited just to see our boys for the first time. I like what I'm hearing about Tharpe and Young, a possible All-American season from T-Rob, and the veteran guard combo of TT-EJ-Teahan maybe being ready to take things up a notch.

    UK's talent looks overwhelming to me, but if we can keep turnovers low as we did vs. Towson maybe we can make them sweat it out. It's refreshing to be the scrappy underdog for a change.

  7. Not confident against Kentucky tonight.

    I don't think we have good enough scoring forwards or guards, and Withey is pretty soft.

    Tyshawn hasn't exactly been a model floor general to begin with. We'll see if elijah can grow, but I see this team as a #7-10 seed type, unless the Big 12 is exceptionally weak, then maybe we could pull a 4 or 5, but probably an overrated 4.

  8. Was pretty surprised that Seattle Times listed the line as even...

  9. Should be fun, though, either way. I did think the Towson game was pretty encouraging, though of course they don't have all the "men" that Kentucky does....