Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And now for some good news . . .

Robinson and Taylor return!

I figured Taylor would be back, but he is enigmatic . . . and I thought Robinson was 50/50. Add to this the recent signing of McLemore, and Jayhawk Nation has reason to celebrate for the first time in a few weeks.

Selby is still a question mark, but Robinson was the key question mark heading into the offseason.

With the Morri 99% likely to bolt, get ready to see more Withey and, I hope, Releford!


  1. Celebrate indeed!

    Thanks for the post, Chris. As we've all mentioned, Taylor played great down the stretch this year, and I really like the idea of him taking on a team-leader-ish kind of role.

    I do agree with Self that this year's team benefited from having a more wide-spread cast of leaders instead of relying on someone like Sherron (no disrespect to Sherron of course!), but this year's team was a special exception to a lot of trends, and if you've got to have a senior leader every now and again, well, I like Tyshawn for the part.

  2. And, goodbye to Selby. Which I'm completely fine with.

    Thank you, Josh, for making Xavier look like Danny Manning. When can we retire Xavier's jersey?

  3. Ouch!

    And now Royce Woolridge is out too. Royce Woolridge! Definitely fun to say. (No, he's not headed to the NBA. Still gone, though.)

    Guess next year will be another young year...

  4. Hell, Xavier WAS like Danny Manning -- freshman Danny Manning.

    Selby may come to regret this decision.

    And these transfers have become such an annual ritual they barely merit comment anymore. I mean, OF COURSE Royce transferred.