Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hawaii 3-0?

Our first big win of the season: a narrow but rather convincing victory over my local Hoyas. I wish we had won by more against an unranked team, but give some credit to a surprisingly athletic G-town squad.

Great bounce-back for T-Rob and Travis after struggles vs. UK. Travis was Mr. Clutch, T-Rob dominated, and TT-EJ continue to show signs.

Now we're in the Final Four with Duke, UCLA and Michigan. Feels like the early '90s all over again...

OK, it's my bedtime. Looking forward to more hoops tomorrow/later today.


  1. OK, it's time to get a little bit excited...

    Bill Self wants it, EJ wants it, Jayhawk Nation wants it, and tonight we're getting it.

    I'm enjoying the emergence of a Big 3 on this team, with T-Rob, Tyshawn, and EJ all capable of taking over. Our guard combo is even hitting its 3-pointers so far in Maui. (The only question is, why are opponents hitting so many of them against us? UCLA hit 57 percent from out there.)

    I'm not going to predict a victory tonight or anything, but I wouldn't be shocked either. We're not a top-tier team like we have been, but we're not facing Grant Hill or Elton Brand or Shane Battier, either. There's no reason we can't pick off #6.

  2. I'm very disappointed that you've all chosen to spend time with your loved ones on Thanksgiving rather than make derogatory blog comments about Coach K and co. Come on, it's time to get FIRED UP!