Friday, September 22, 2006

Schedule Finalized!

It may have been premature of me to complain about the softness of our schedule next season. After all, the final nonconference game was not confirmed until this week.

I know I promised not to editorialize about this any more, so I'll just report and you decide.

From Wednesday's LJW:

"KU has filled the final date on its basketball schedule with Winston-Salem State. KU will meet the Rams at 7 p.m. Dec. 19 in Allen Fieldhouse. Winston-Salem State is an independent for the 2006-07 season as it completes the transition to NCAA Div. I."


  1. Deron, I'm not sure my Sarcasm meter is working properly, but I'd swear that I'm registering at least a "mild".

  2. You need to tune that sucker UP!

    Far be it from me to impugn the Rams. They're almost D-1 (status pending).

  3. Well, I may be pushing boulders here, but I did notice that the cigarette school's schedule isn't too shabby. (I suppose I'm opening the door for Deron to say it's better, in fact, than ours--but conference play should stem that, no?)

    So we're playing an almost D-1 team? That does sound bad.
    We're playing a team whose non-conference schedule includes Notre Dame, UAB, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest? I think I can live with that.

    (does sound like I'm settling, though, doesn't it?)
    (damn you, Deron, and your sarcastic enthusiasm)

  4. If they beat a few of those teams (not bloody likely), then suddenly our SOS begins to look better. If not, their schedule is irrelevant.

    But yes, their noncon schedule (i.e. the part you can control) is indeed better than ours. Along with the 4 you mentioned, Georgetown and Auburn are on there as well. They've actually made it too hard on themselves--they're lambs headed for the slaughterhouse.

  5. If they are not D-1, their W/L record should not affect our SOS in any way whatsoever.

  6. Good point, SJ.

    I don't mean to pick on Winston-Salem in particular. It's just one more cupcake on a schedule filled with them.