Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jayhawks at Rockets :Pick your score

I think the fightin' Manginos will be ready for this one. Kerry Meier shines, Hawks 31, Rockets 20.


  1. I notice Toledo took Iowa State to OT before losing 45-43 at Ames. Since they get to take us on at their place, I'd have to agree with the boys in Vegas that we lose by three to five points.

    The House always wins. Let's say 24-20 Toledo.

  2. 24-10 Kansas. Cornish is legit, and the secondary will be better. Meier will calm down and the game will slow down for him. However, I do worry about Mangino's inability to win on the road.

    As for the Oregon-Oklahoma game- Oregon by 3 touchdowns.

  3. Once again, Deron picks it (or comes close enough) and I get angry.
    Oh cruel fortune!

  4. I saw a lot of the game in a bar on Friday. Our game-tying touchdown was about as exciting a moment as I can remember in KU football for a while, but I was too tipsy at that point to stick around for the OT.

    Ismail, I did catch the end of that Beaver-Sooner game. I hope you sent a thank-you note to the officiating crew.

  5. BEAVER-Sooner game! The University of Oregon is in no way associated with the industrious rodents! The rats play for OSU. the team that beat Oklahoma was the fighting DUCKS! AS for the officials- sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Pac 10 officials and Phil Knight money... No, the sooners have little cause for complaint. the ducks put up 500 yards of offense on them. Stewarts yard per carry average was more than Peterson's. Oklahoma could not play defense all day. If it weren't for the 4 turnovers the ducks gave them this one wouldnt have been close.

  6. My apologies. Would you believe I was still drunk when I posted that?

    They're both such asinine mascots, I get them mixed up. I should have remembered since the announcers kept referring to "sitting Ducks" and saying "no pun intended, ha, ha..."

    Still, I'm no Oklahoma fan, but if that onside kick had been called correctly, they win.

  7. True as to the onside kick. However, there were plenty of other bad calls in the game. For example, Oklahoma scored their last touchdown on an obvious offensive pass interference call. Furthermore, Stewart's alleged fumble was not a fumble. Oregon just as easily could have "won" had either of those calls gone the other way. You cant say one call or another (even an admitedly bad call like the onside kick)cost a team a game- games are long and officiating is part of the sport. If Oklahoma wanted to win they should not have allowed two touchdows in 70 or so seconds.
    Now Oklahoma is crying and their president claims the officiating was an "injustice." Perhaps it was unfortunate, from an Oklahoma perspective- but an injustice!

  8. Well, just as I was about to agree with Ismail, I noticed that the Pac-10 issued an apology to OU about the officiating and suspended the whole crew. . . .
    You know what? Screw it: Ismail's still right. If nothing else, that blocked field goal at the end need never have happened, and surely that can't be pinned on the refs.
    All controversy aside, a fun game to watch.

  9. This wasn't like a missed interference call. The onside kick in a one-possession game is the most important call to get right, but they botched it in real time, then they botched it in the replay booth, and the result was Oregon gets the ball in scoring position when the game should have been over.

    OU loses not only the game, but their title hopes. (Just one more illustration of why college football needs a playoff).

    That said, you're right that OU fans should chill out. I expect better than this from President Boren, who was the former Democratic governor.