Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First In Flight? That Ain't Wright!

Unlike Orville and Wilbur, Julian Wright may not be flying the coop as early as some of his peers. He has recently informed the KC Star and other sources that he plans to stay at least three years at KU, at which time he may be on track to graduate early. Wright has apparently already taken something like 48 hours of classes, between summer school in '05 and '06.

This is great news on all fronts. First, we have the most exciting KU player since--well, ever--committing at least into 2008. Second, our program is finally getting some pub for a star player's academic achievements, something we haven't had since the Jacque and Jerod era.

Is this all just talk? Will Julian cave next year when agents come calling? CBS Sportsline's Gary Parrish thought so, until he actually talked to Julian on the phone, at which point his cynicism melted away...

Parrish: "Julian Wright is my savior. He had me at hello."


  1. Could he start an article any more lamely than with an Orville and Wilbur Wright pun?

  2. I'll take the heat for the Wright Bros. thing. My posts are all original material, baby, not repurposed. I didn't cut and paste this from anywhere, I wrote it.

    (The Jerry McGuire reference is not mine, but I quoted it, so I'll take the hit for that, too).

    But aside from flaming it, Scott, what do you say about the content of this item? Is JW just stringing us along, or what?

  3. Um, yeah Deron.

    I meant it's great.

    (sorry, I though you were on a Tom Keegan blast again)

    I'm lousy at predicting these early jump things. I guess you just don't know what drives a guy until you wave an a**load of money in his face.

    But I would think Julian's game is the type that might fly under the radar for another year (at least statistically). So he might hang on another year. Unless of course we win it all and he showcases his talents on the biggest stage, at which point I will be happy to help him with his bags out of eternal gratitude.

  4. I should have titled this thread "Bad Deron Quote of the Week."

    It's just that I'm saving all the really good Wright puns for the season.

    But I agree with your assessment. Wright isn't a selfish player, and will be glad to let B-Rush hog the glory this year as long as the team is winning. If we win it all, yeah, all bets are off as far as NBA defections.

    By the way, the aforementioned Keegan lists Rush as one of his five favorite basketball players of all time. Is that not a tad premature? It's sort of like saying that Gnarls Barkley is one of the five greatest bands of all time.

  5. LJW says today (9/13) that one more game will likely be added to this season's schedule. If this one is road or neutral against a marquee or even semi-marquee opponent, I swear I'll recant all my recent bitching.