Thursday, December 20, 2012

Et Tu, Brutus?

I did miss the Belmont game (but I do have it saved on DVR). But at least on the surface, the appearance is that our putrid effort against UT-Chattanooga was indeed a wake-up call for us not to sleepwalk into Allen Fieldhouse and expect to put a W on the board.

We crushed a Colorado team that I heard Doug Gottlieb say that, even after the KU game, he thinks they will challenge for the Pac-12 title. By 50? Then Belmont, another crushing. Now Richmond, who has many players from the Sweet 16 Team just a couple of years ago.

In many of these games, we have dominated, but I still felt uncomfortable because we were getting killed by the guard spots. The last three games though, this did not continue. We appear to have "shorn up" the permiter "D". Stephen Bardo, of ESPN2 has done a couple of our games now, and I find him much more interesting as the color guy than Fran Fraschilla the last few years (not that Fraschilla was awful or anything). Bardo thought that our defenders have begun to rely more on Withey to bail them out if they get beat on the dribble which lets them play with more pressure and tighter.

So, for the first time in a while, we will not be favored against our next opponent, "THE" Ohio State University Buckeyes (mascot "Brutus Buckeye" piotured above). Aaron Craft is still there and is talented, their forward, Dashaun something is supposed to be good, but perhaps not Jared Sullinger good. They have some lanky center who has underacheived. I say we take them. Close game most of the way, and then we pull away. If Withey (or Ellijah) gets in foul trouble, then we might be in for a rough ride. What say you guys?


  1. Agreed on Bardo. I didn't use to think he was all that great, but I was impressed with him this time, esp. his description of BMac: "He just GLIDES." However, I would like to find a way to catch the Ch. 6 broadcasts just to hear Pollard. I imagine he's either brilliant, or entertainingly terrible, or perhaps both from moment to moment.

    As for The OSU, it appears we're playing better than they are, but I'm not entirely confident about this one. Their coaches, players, and fans are going to be foaming at the mouth for revenge. I don't know if EJ and Naadir are prepared for Shia LeBeouf, I mean Aaron Craft, now that he's focused on them instead of Tyshawn, and I don't know if our team is prepared to face its first hostile crowd.

    It would be unfortunate to go 0-2 in our two big noncon games, given that the B12 seems down this year. But Texas did beat UNC last night, and Baylor won at Rupp a few weeks ago. So there might be some hope for the conference after all.

  2. Hmm... Just saw Bilas predicting OSU in a close game. But honestly I think a close game favors the cocky young team on the road rather than the team out to defend home court and avenge two losses. So, let's call it good guys by five.

  3. And I know we start 4 seniors, but we still feel young...