Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Columbus

I don't know who wins the pool on the Ohio St. game, but I know it isn't me. I just couldn't believe we were going to beat these Buckeyes -- who have scarcely been out of the Top 10 over the last three years -- three times straight. Glad to have been wrong in my skepticism, and glad to confirm the last few games haven't been flukes.

That was the best performance of Naadir's young career, at the best possible time. He and Kevin more or less saved our bacon when it looked as if OSU was going to take control in the first.

The turnovers (19 of them) didn't bother me much because (a) they were to be expected against a defensive whiz like Shia, er, Craft, and (b) they were mostly the product of our aggressiveness. With the exception of Perry, all of our guys were almost irrationally confident, even BMac playing his first road game. The senior trio of Withey, Travis, and EJ -- nice kids who at times in their careers have seemed perhaps too laid-back -- looked like dead-eyed assassins on Saturday.

A Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Ya'll be sure to check out the highlight reel from our blowout of American University, including some unique dunks by Withey and Travis. No mention of the celebrity cameos by Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, and Aaron Miles. For those of us who probably won't be doing any New Year's parties, this was a good substitute.

  2. Thanks for that link! I'd been craving replays of those two dunks all day yesterday as we travelled home to Seattle from Chicago...

    Speaking of the guests, I'd like to share my favorite KUSports tweet from game night: "Olivia Wilde introduced as Sudeikis' "very special friend" -- Aaron Miles introduced right after & got twice the cheers of the happy couple."

    Gotta <3 that crowd.