Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kansas absoultely dominates Washington State into oblivion

That was a thorough ass-beating. Wow. We thumped them from beginning to end until it was time to put in the scrubs. Even the announcers agreed that it wasn't that washington State was playing all that badly, it was that KU was just playing well.
Even despite this gargantuan lead, Bill self was pissed through most of the game. It reminded me of what Bobby Knight had said before the Michigan State game. He said that by playing Connecticut and losing, that Michigan State had figured out what they were bad at doing and they could make the adjustments. He said they had an advantage when talent was even because KU only knew what they could do well and didn't know what they were bad at yet. Now, after Mich. State, we know we are bad in a few areas and I don't think Self is satisfied that the players understand those yet. Mclemore was awesome, as usual. Ellis had a good game too. That kid has an excellent free throw stroke and can get to the line. Reminded you of why he was highly shought after. Travis Relaford had a quiet and efficient 17 points in 23 minutes. If we can get that type of effort from him, that raises us up a level in competition. The newest recruits Rio Adams and Andrew White came in for a cup of coffee, but didn't appear ready yet to seriously contribute. Loved the Mclemore dunk where he "posterized his own teammate (Traylor)" according to the color guy. On the other side of the court, that Brock Motum guy looked like a solid player. Apart from that, they seemed to have bad talent. You can see why KU didn't fight to keep that Woolridge kid, he had little heart and no ability to play guard. I do not think tonight's game will be so lopsided. St. Louis (SLU) also pounded TX A&M in their game by about thirty, so I think we will have our hands full tonight.

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