Friday, November 02, 2012

And They're Off!

Anyone catch the Emporia State exhibition game?

We had it on, but it's a bit hectic here these days (maybe an ongoing thing?)... Ellis looked good, and I saw at least one great dunk from McLemore.


  1. Thanks for getting us started, YHD. I didn't get to see Game 1, but with my imminent move back to the heartland (less than 2 weeks away) AND our new Lee family season-ticket package, I will no longer have any excuse for ignorance of the team's progress.

    I'm excited about the newcomers based on what I've heard, even the lesser-knowns like AW3, Rio, and Lucas. Combine that with the #2 recruiting class in the country next season and we should be in serious contention for years to come.

    But for this year, one of the LJW commenters made an interesting point: It all hinges on whether EJ, Travis, and Withey are ready to be leaders, rather than mere contributors.

  2. Watched the Washburn game too... well, let's see.. there's plenty of room for improvement, so that's nice :)

    Ellis and McLemore were again both great, at least in the first half. Turnovers and sloppy play marred the second half, but what can you do? Season tips off for realsies this Friday!

  3. SEMO? No? Okay...

    How about Michigan State tonight?