Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend in Vegas

A little late in posting on KU's great victories over Ohio and 'Zona. This was my first chance to see the team live, and needless to say I'm pretty stoked.

I like the defensive intensity. Cole's absence will make us more vulnerable to strong big men like Williams of Arizona, but the Twins held their ground and looked downright dominant at times. I liked what I saw from almost every player on the floor last weekend -- the twins, Tyshawn, Reed, Little, Releford, EJ. The only exceptions to me were Brady and Withey, who both had their moments but look a bit shaky out of the gate.

I will revert back to my original suspicion that we do need Selby. We need more scoring from the perimeter, esp. if Reed and Brady continue to struggle from deep.

We haven't had the strongest schedule thus far, but remember that Ohio knocked off the Hoyas in the 1st round last year, No. Texas was a solid tourney team as well, and Arizona is stocked with raw, talented guys looking to make their bones off an upset.

T-Rob's dunk to cap off the Arizona win was one of the most exciting KU plays in recent years -- and LJW finally gave us an exciting reel this time.


  1. That was a nice dunk by Robinson.

  2. Guess which 19-year-old rookie stifled Kobe with his defense last night? His college coach probably deserves some credit.

  3. Hey, Scott's back! Sweet!

    You're both right about that dunk. And it started with good defense--you're right about that too, Deron: lots to like.

    Did Henry just leave last season? That really feels like a long time ago. Such a different feel to this year's team...

    Hey, so, UCLA? I see folks at expect we'll win by double digits, and I'm okay with that. What do you all think?

  4. Possible letdown factor after 'Zona win, with everyone expecting us to cruise. They gave us some headaches last year at Pauley, as I recall, and these Bruins are probably better than last year's.

    But the Fieldhouse should be amped up sufficiently to wake our guys out of any possible post-Thanksgiving stupor. Yeah, double digits.

  5. This was also my first exposure to the kids.

    Good stuff. Very impressed with Releford. Great ball movement, good free throw shooting at the end when it counts, and more alley-oops than we deserve.

    Let's keep slicing up the PAC-10.