Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exhibit B

Second exhibition game last night. I missed the first half, but kusports did post this raw footage, which all looks first-half-ish.


When will we hear about Selby? People remain confident, but the first game tips in like two days!

Anyway, my concern at this point is defense: in the second half, our post players got beat bad by the Hornets. They're smaller and slower, and yet there they were, making layups... And our post guys are either veterans like the Morris brothers or guys like Robinson, who have been around (though not in games). Not to sound alarmist, but this aspect of the game should look better.

Upside? Of course, we were just dominant on offense, especially inside, and we hit a very impressive 35-40 free throws. (But does it seem weird to you that we shot 40 free throws in an exhibition game? Hmm.)


  1. Emporia St. probably had no choice but to foul incessantly. But yeah, those FT #s seem to be the only thing people are excited about coming out of this one. I didn't see the game, but I'm hearing a collective shrug emanating from Lawrence. (What a weak-ass highlight reel that was.)

    Seems like we need Selby, and quick. We've got a lot of talent to work with, but no perimeter standout at this point.

    Self seems to share in the general malaise:

    "Overall, it was just kind of a mediocre performance. Everybody just played OK, I don’t think anybody was exceptional... The two guys we know can play and impact the game are Brady and Tyrel, and they’re not impacting the game either with shooting or defense. We will get there. The pieces just don’t quite fit."

  2. ESPN ranks the Big 12 second among conferences this year -- though they aren't entirely sold on whether we should be that high. ACC all the way down at 5.

  3. I don't know what to think of the league either--I mean, K-State picked to win? And in the preseason top 5?
    What does that even mean?

  4. I believe it means Jon Stewart was wrong at the rally. These are not just hard times... They are END TIMES.

  5. Ha! Well, at least that puts it in perspective.

    So we foolishly made plans for tonight (though I should mention that Chris, in a very, very indirect way, shares some of the blame)--so I'm counting on someone out there to find the web feed and give me some insight.

    Speaking of watching online: I don't know if I mentioned this yet or not, but for the last game Emily found the jumbotron feed combined with the Bob Davis & Chris Piper audio--brilliant. Wish we could get that for every game!