Thursday, October 29, 2009

preseason #1

So we're the clear preseason #1, first game is tuesday against Temple, and I got myself a signed ball with the whole team and coach Self... Good times!


  1. I hate #1 this early. Gives us big heads and nothing to work toward.

    We'll probably lose to another Ball State and then Self might have their attention.

  2. Aaron gets all the best swag!

    Did you guys get to see the Ft. Hays game? The consensus seems to be that X didn't necessarily look like a world-beater, but if he can give us 14 points on an off night -- I mean, damn.

    I enjoyed this video -- Elijah seems like a well-spoken kid.

    As for the ranking, I would have been upset if we hadn't gotten #1. How could we not?

    Good to hear from you, SJ.

  3. I did go to the Ft. Hays game. We are loaded with talent but sloppy on fundamentals. Even though we completely outsized them, we couldn't rebound and the defense was embarrassing in the first half. Johnson and Robinson looked amazing on offense. We have so much talent we can bring in off the bench. I have to say, I too love the #1 ranking. Bring 'em on!