Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late Night in the Phog

The new season is almost here and last night the newly renovated fieldhouse was packed and rocking.

The play was a little sloppy but still impressive. I couldn't believe how good of shape everyone was in. The Morris twins look like completely different players this year. And Xavier Henry is going to be amazing. He has incredible athleticism. Plus Cole and Sherron who were named co big 12 preseason players of the year! We are going to be tough to beat, to say the least.

The fieldhouse got a face lift and was unveiled last night. The sports museum was expanded and had all kinds of cool interactive exhibits. But the highlight had to be the giant trophy case in the center of it all.

The first game is nov. 3rd. Rock Chalk!

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  1. Thanks for jumpstarting us, Aaron. Great pics. Speaking of twins, that championship trophy could use a companion...

    It's been a weird offseason -- probably a lot of that just has to do with the increased scrutiny that comes with being #1. Most of the scandals aren't a huge deal, just a little deflating.

    Also deflating: the football team falling at Colorado. I can't say I'm surprised after watching us squeak out that Iowa State win.

    Basketball-wise, though, there are so many upsides for us it's dizzying. Even if X underachieves, a solid improvement by the twins, Tyshawn, Little or Releford could put us over the top. I like what I'm hearing about CJ Henry, Johnson, Robinson and Withey as well.