Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Back, Baby!

But more importantly, so are Cole and Sherron.

Here's some video on the announcement.

So, are we #1?

And, this kind of puts all that hand wringing about Xavier/Cal/Lance in perspective.


  1. Are we #1?
    Probably. Some guy at Fox Sports thinks so, as does Andy Katz, so I guess I'll go ahead and agree.

    Neither of them even wanted information on their prospects: that is an odd detail, no? I mean, I'm glad they're coming back, but is that really how a decision like that should be made?

    Anyway, looks good. How long until November?

  2. Thanks, Chris. I think it could be a big 2010 for all three returnees.

    Save your skepticism for the transfers and one-and-dones, Yance. This is a day to celebrate.

    They didn't need to check their NBA status because they want to stay in Lawrence one more year. Both can improve their draft position by staying, and in the meantime they'll be kings of the world for a year. Plus, Sherron's mom wants a Senior Night -- brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

    The Star has a nice photo retrospective of the dynamic duo.

    Also picking us #1 is CBS Sportsline and NBC Sports. The only dissenter is CNNSI, which has us in 2nd behind Michigan St. I imagine they'll come around by November, though -- even if we don't nab another big-time recruit, there's no way the Spartans are better than us without Walton and Suton.

  3. That bit about Sherron's mom is nice--hadn't noticed that the 1st time through. Thanks for mentioning.

    But I will never save any skepticism! I would just hate to see (warning: possibly distracting and misleading comparison coming) Sherron end up like Ed Cota--great but short player, stays the 4th year, gets completely ignored by the NBA...

    It's probably true that a dominating year like we ought to have will help them both, but skepticism is fun.

    Also (still) fun: rebuilding year = Big 12 champs & Sweet 16; the following year we're preseason #1. Wow.

    I mean, I see why Jamie Dixon was a finalist for the Naismith coach of the year award, but how could they not give it to Self??

  4. Well, Fox sports says it's a done deal, we get the Henry's.

    Quite a year coming up.

  5. Guess we ought to find out for sure tomorrow.