Friday, April 03, 2009

Here We Go

Finally the wait is over. The good news is rolling in--someday we'll look back on April 3rd as a historic day, the day that the Iowa Supreme Court finally did the right thing and
in an unrelated story, the day that the AP named Bill Self national coach of the year.

Congrats, coach!

Hell of a year. Hell of a year!

And in other news, although there's no word from Stephenson, Xavier Henry wants to be a Jayhawk, according to his father.

It's a good day to be an American, and a good day to be a Jayhawk.

Rock Chalk!


  1. Both of these are great news. Not sure how much stock to put in the Xavier Henry story -- seems just too good to be true, but I'd say his dad is a pretty good source.

    I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but man... I thought Stephenson was an exciting prospect, but Xavier is just -- well, wow. Did anyone see the McDonald's game this week?

    I don't think there's any way we get both of those guys, by the way. Hopefully we can at least get one, and somehow fit him into the scholarship logjam.

    But if we don't ... well, I've also been hearing great things about Elijah Johnson and Thomas Robinson, so no reason for concern about the future, I think.

  2. Would it encourage more blog traffic if I declare that I'm rooting for Roy to win the championship tonight? Because really, I'll try anything at this point.

  3. But the Spartans are America's sweethearts (?), the lovable underdogs from the economically decimated state . . .

    Not sure what I'm rooting for tonight, though I do hope the game is more interesting than the UNC/'Nova game.
    State vs. UConn was great fun to watch, and had an ending I could get behind.

    Also not sure how to make this more than Yancy and Deron.

    On a totally unrelated note, I hope you (all?) enjoyed the hilarious interview with DJ on Apparently the whole thing was conducted by text message, which certainly tops at least one list I'm keeping.

  4. That DJ interview was great; I wonder how much they cleaned that up in editing -- I don't know anyone who texts that coherently.

    MSU as the scrappy underdog home team representing a depressed region is indeed a pretty good storyline, Yance. I am definitely a sucker for that one. I suppose I'll be OK with either outcome tonight.

    The Spartans are playing well enough to give UNC serious trouble, especially when you factor in the home crowd. I thought the refs were giving them home calls on Saturday, too, though they deserved to win regardless.

  5. Congrats, Roy. I can't believe he's already equaled Dean Smith's title tally in 6 years time.

    If a couple more bounces had gone KU's way in '97 and '03, we'd all be asking whether or not Roy is the best since Wooden.

    Plus, they have the #1 recruiting class in the country. Yeesh.

    Meanwhile, rumor is that the new Memphis coach is giving Xavier Henry's father a job. Damn, why didn't we think of that?

  6. And ... rumor debunked. Apparently.

    Whew, what a wild ride.

  7. Some odd quotes in that Henry piece--they won't be making a decision any time soon, but since the school year's almost over, they should get the decision over with ...
    Um, okay.

    Anyway, I guess it's fun to be in this conversation, even if we don't end up with Henry. This kind of exposure almost never hurts, right?

    Interesting point about Roy. Best since Wooden sounds like a bit of a stretch, but his résumé is looking awfully good.
    Is this good for the sport, though? I heard that the audience was down like 10% from last year's awesome final game, and personally it was all I could do not to turn off Monday's game. I guess Roy's style is fun, but apparently that drops away if you're not actually pulling for his team.

    Oh, speaking of sports with boring, dominant dynasties, how about the KU women's team? WNIT runner-up isn't great, exactly, but a KU and Big 12 record crowd for the championship game at Allen is pretty cool. Rock Chalk!

  8. Tyrone and Quintrell transferring.

    This could open the door to KU getting some great players, but it makes me a little uneasy, to be honest.

    I mean, is Self running players off?

  9. Wow--my 1st and 2nd thoughts exactly.

    Sure seem to lose a lot of kids this way. But their statements make it sound like it's what they want, so I suppose at this point we take their word for it?

    Nothing like an exciting off season, eh?