Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shouldn't Somebody Do a Post?

(Photo from the AFP (?) story.)

About another Jayhawk getting a championship ring?

I didn't see the whole series, but what I saw last night was, well, both surprising and fun.

Here's from an email from another Seattle-area alum:
"And the TRUTH shall set you free. Yay for Paul Pierce and the Celtics!!!!!!!"

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  1. Thanks, YHD. Just too damn busy of late -- didn't watch most of the Finals. Also haven't had time to discuss the now-definite departure of Mario and Shady...

    Scot Pollard picked up a ring last night, too. Now three of the starters from the '97 KU team that shoulda woulda coulda won it all are champs at last -- four, in fact, if you count Jerod Haase as a UNC assistant in 2005 -- but let's not count that one.

    Raef LaFrentz: It's your turn.