Monday, April 09, 2007

Say it Ain't So!!!!

Local Radio says Julian will announce today that he is entereing himdelf into the NBA Draft. Speculation is that Rush will go too. :(


  1. Every indication is this rumor's true. Press conference at 4 today.

    This is a mistake. Unlike so many other players of his caliber, Julian really seems like a collegian to me. He seemed to be enjoying himself out there. Now he'll be just another physically underdeveloped NBA "project" languishing on the Memphis Grizzlies' bench.

    Rush and Arthur I could understand; same with Pierce and Gooden. They never seemed like college material, and the latter two had absolutely done all they could in college. Not so with Julian.

    As far as our team goes... if Rush stays we'll probably be OK. But if he leaves, we suddenly have no backcourt bench players. Can Case, Stewart, or Morningstar emerge?

    JW already knew he could be drafted high back when he guaranteed he was going to stay three years -- hell, he could have gone straight from high school -- why change his mind now?

    This sucks. Talent aside, I always saw him as our Battier: character guy, good student, cared more about team success than his own stats, and on a mission to lead us to a championship.

    I can't really blame him, assuming he's a lottery pick, but something just seems wrong about this ...

  2. Too bad too that his KU career ends (apparently) on a down-note. Would have been nice to have seen a few more of those beautiful passes before he left.

    I guess I understand the money thing (or, I at least understand what wanting money is like), but I sometimes wonder if these kids have seen NBA games: the playoffs can be fun, sure, but to play for such unenthusiastic fans. . . .

  3. This is really unfortunate. I think Wright would have been even more important than Rush next year. Why go? He will not play anytime soon, whereas with a year more muscle and minutes he could really be special. He doesnt have a reliable jumper, makes too many mistake, and seems to suffer lapses of concentration every other game. Does he even really have any reliable offensive moves? I hate players being lottery picks on the basis of "upside"

    Sorry I dropped off the map for a while during the tournament- I was on vacation and "out of touch" It felt familiar though- so much wasted talent- they looked horrible against UCLA. I really a devastated about this year- I thought it was the one.

  4. In the press conference he said he expected to be picked 10th to 16th?

    Is that just false modesty? Because if it isn't... WTF? He probably could have gone that high last year.

    It seems like there must be more going on than we know; maybe a personal issue, or an academic sophomore slump. On the merits this doesn't seem to make any sense. Another year of development (plus probably a weaker '08 draft class) and he could have gone top five easily.