Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Uh oh, is B. Rush the next Giles?

Breaking news on jayhawknation of a bad variety. It hasn't been reported by kusports and no one on says anything about it, but the Missouri court website makes it clear:

At go to "" in the right margin, then click on the icon that says"litigant name search", then put "Rush" for last name and "Brandon" for first name. This paternity suit comes up. Rush got a default judgment just like Giles did, which means he was too lazy to show up. So, next would be a child support action, and Rush can get behind on that since he is not allowed to earn money. Good stuff B Rush. :<


  1. Nice reporting, SJ. This is why our blog is superior to LJW and Phog: we have a legal researcher on staff.

  2. I posted this on to see if anyone knew anything and I was immediately IP banned without notice. 610 AM sports said they'd heard about it but would not discuss it on air. Probably because they are the "voice of the Jayhawks" now in KC.

    Anyway, news is news. I'd like B Rush to deal with it now, so he is not facing back child support come tourney time.