Monday, December 18, 2006

Keith Richards Turns 63


  1. And also, congratulations to all of us here at Jayhawk Nation for being named Time magazine's "Person of the Year." We couldn't have done it without all you little people out there.

    No opinion on the UConn thing, Chris? I'm shocked.

  2. I'm only keeping this up today - for the birthday.

    Uh, UCONN.

    Well, I don't see it. We're too unselfish, we kicked off the guy who had trouble with the law, and the Huskies weren't so young last year.

    At this point, I'm not sure if we'll end up as good as that team, though we may be better. The only similarity is inconsistent talent. That seems to be where the comparison stops and starts.

  3. No need to take it down. I'm a little titillated by the one photo. Is that Anita Pallenberg?

    But if you do take it down, at least copy and paste your comment about UConn onto the below thread. I think you're exactly right on that point.

  4. Keith Richards remind me of Jayhawks opponents this year, with Jayhawks playing the role of Death.

    We should've gotten them long ago, but they just keep hanging around and we cannot put them away, no matter how bad they are.

  5. LOL Scott! That is great. As for the additional practice time against Winston Salem- I would like to predict a 100-40 victory, but I am sure these Jayhawks are incapable of scoring 100. Has Self even had a team go over 100 since he has been at KU? So, I will have to predict a 84 to 57 game of ugly ball, but with lots of defensive intensity and 40% shooting. I miss Roy.

  6. 80-some points is probably a more realistic KU score for tonight, Ismail, but if we allow a team that only scored 32 at Georgetown to get up in the 50s at the Fieldhouse, then we really are in trouble.

    If most of our opponents are Keith Richards, Winston-Salem State is more like this guy.

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  8. I have no comment on the Richards problem, but here's some comments RE scores:
    We're up 60-29 with 13:41 left in the game, which seems pleasing enough (and doesn't put triple-digits out of reach), and Rush scored 7 points in like 62 seconds to open the half, so that's fun.

    Meanwhile, a score from the ticker: Carolina 105, Florida Atlantic 52 (coached by former KU player Rex Walters, no less). Anyway, I guess I'm not sure I miss that--from a certain perspective, it just looks like poor sportsmanship. . . .

  9. Meanwhile, was our game pretty? I think it was.
    Some stats: 29 assists and 38 field goals (and only 10 turnovers).

    And as soon as Channel 6 gets it online, I'll try for that video of Chalmers' beautiful behind-the-back pass to Case for a layup.

  10. Here they are. The highlights are about the only good thing that comes out of a game like this.

    Aside from Mario's pass, I like Brandon's block-and-dunk sequence, and especially his George Gervin finger-roll layup.

    You changed your tune quickly about high-scoring games, Yancy. In one paragraph you're rooting for triple-digits, and in the next you're suggesting that would be poor sportsmanship.

    There's no way Roy was trying to show up Rex Walters. The reason his teams score like that is that they run a fast-breaking offense no matter what the score is, and he doesn't want to take his team out of that flow.

    But let me say this in Self's favor: the AP article said that in last night's game KU "held an opponent under 50 percent from the field for the 48th time in 49 games."

    Not too shabby.

  11. Here's my tune: UNC was up by 50 with 18 minutes left. I'm not opposed to high-scoring games, but when you're up 70-20 two minutes into the second half, maybe the lead is safe and you can let up a bit at that point . . . instead, the score was 94-28 with 8:53 on the clock.

    I appreciate your point about flow, but 94-28?

  12. CNNSI on North Carolina:

    Biggest deficiency: This team is way too offensive-minded right now. North Carolina is ranked third in the nation in scoring (90.1 ppg), but the Heels are seventh in the ACC in steals (8.0), ninth in field goal defense (42.5 percent) and 11th in three-point defense (37.1 percent). UNC needs someone who isn't just good at playing perimeter defense. The Heels need someone who can bring a real gritty attitude to change the culture.

  13. Hey, the backups want to show their stuff, too. UNC is so loaded with talent they probably would have won by 50 with just their second unit.

    From the AP story:

    "Afterward, Walters seemed almost upset that he let his mentor down with his team's poor performance. 'I hope [North Carolina] got something out of this,' Walters said. "Every day I live, I try to make him proud.'"

  14. Glad to see KU, OSU, and A&M all in the top 15. Why isn't Texas ranked? They are 7-2, beat highly ranked LSU, and their only losses are on the road at Michigan State and to ranked Gonzaga?

  15. You're right, Chris. If it weren't for the preseason rankings UT would probably be right there in the low teens with Kansas (or even higher).

    KU's suddenly struggling just to be considered the best team in the region, and at this moment you'd have to say the Shockers are the best team in the state.