Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok, let's have it...

What will be the Jayhawks' Destiny this year?
Under 500. Meteor hits Allen Fieldhouse and reduces it to a smoldering pit.
3rd Place in Big XII behind 2 south teams or (*ugh*) K-State.
2nd place Big XII 1st or 2nd round tourney loss
Big XII Champs Reg Season
Big XII Tourney Champs
1st Rd NCAA Loss
2nd rd NCAA
Sweet Sixteen NCAA
Elite 8 NCAA
Final 4 Baby!
Finals Appearance
Rock Chalk Jayhawk goin' all da way!!!
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  1. For reasons I stated in Chris's thread (below) and elsewhere, I'm playing it conservative and voting for Elite 8.

    But I also predict that we'll be Big 12 champs by a significant margin, and we'll lose no more than three regular-seaon games total, entering the tourney as a 1 seed. Only in the Dance will our lack of seasoning become apparent.

  2. Since I've been called out for hedging my bets, I'll go ahead and predict elite 8. We should have a very good season and do well in the tourney.

    If we don't do well, Self will remain but there will be clouds. If we have a good year, we have to at least make the sweet 16.

    I think we've got as good a chance as anybody (on paper - and that's all we have right now) to go the distance. Not sure if our schedule will be a factor as the B12 should be better this year, and you never know how these teams pan out - BC, South Carolina, etc.

  3. Yeah, the conference may be better. KU, A&M, KSU and OSU should all improve. Texas will decline, though I'm excited to see this freshman phenom Durant.

    In any case, KU's Big 12 schedule is unbelievably easy, as all our apparent rivals for the championship have to come to our house rather than the reverse (unless KSU becomes a contender, but that's not likely this year). We have a great chance for another 16-0 run, a la 2002.

  4. O ye of little faith. The Jayhawks win it all this year. They have great talent, lots of depth (though not as much as I would like in the post) and a favorable schedule. I am not concerned about seasoning. Robinson will provide some leadership and Rush will really come into his own and start being more of a leader. By tournament time the sophomores will be seasoned vets. This is the year!

  5. I hope you're right, Ismail. You're usually the gloomy one on this blog--glad you're optimistic this year.

    SI agrees with you--see below thread. But are we really better than Florida? I have my doubts.

  6. It's very disappointing that Yancy still has not exercised his right to vote. Choose or lose, YHD.

    I see the USA Today Coaches poll has us at #3. There seems to be consensus that KU, UNC and FU -- I mean Florida -- are ahead of the pack, w/ a few nods for Ohio State here and there.

  7. Okay, okay: the final four seems about right to me. Talent-wise we're as good as anybody, and I think the time is right for Self to start looking like a great coach.

    Why not all the way? The tournament is just too unpredictable. . . .

    And I agree with Leeroy: anything less than sweet 16 will seem very disappointing, especially given how the last two tourneys have gone.

    Not sure about Davis' "for instance," by the way: if a faked pass and a layup is his evidence of a high ceiling, then I may need to adjust my expectations downward. . . .

  8. I'm on the Elite 8 bandwagon. I still think our youth is a question mark at that time of year, but very young teams seem to be getting it done all the time now, so why the heck not us?

    I do see Big XII supremacy, it's a down year for the Conference.