Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Giles' court date adds to his troubles
By Tom Keegan (Contact)

Posted Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Add alleged failure to pay child support to the list of personal fouls that could prevent reserve junior center C.J. Giles from ever wearing a Kansas University basketball uniform again.

Giles is due in Douglas County District Court on Monday morning to face an allegation that he owes $4,097 in unpaid child support, according to court records.

“I’m not concerned about money 100 percent,” Laura Bender, mother of Jaiden Giles, born March 31, 2005, said Wednesday in a telephone interview. “I’m concerned about him taking responsibility for what’s his. … It’s very expensive to raise a child. Yes, I’m concerned about the money. At the same time, it’s important for Jaiden to have a father in his life, and he doesn’t have one.”

A 2004 graduate of Free State High, Bender said she would be open to a payment plan delayed until Giles could land summer employment, if necessary.

“That’s fine,” she said. “I just hope that C.J. opens his heart to his son and will take responsibility and help out.”

A full-time student at Johnson County Community College and a hostess at Lawrence restaurant “On the Border,” Bender said that Giles had seen their son four times.

Giles was ordered in April 2006 to pay Bender $241 in child support per month, plus a judgment of $2,892 for expenses she had incurred since the baby’s birth.

An affidavit filed Aug. 31 by an attorney representing the state’s Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services alleges that Giles “failed, neglected, or refused to fully comply with the orders of the court; no payment has ever been posted to this case.”

Bender said she did receive a payment for the first time, about “a week-and-a-half ago,” for the month of October.

“I was really surprised,” to receive the payment, she said.

The purpose of Monday’s hearing before Judge Pro Tem Peggy Kittel will be for Giles to give a reason why he should not be held in contempt of court. A court document instructs him to bring paycheck stubs and other documentation of his income.

Asked if she thought Giles would play for KU again, Bender said, “I hope so. I don’t think that having a child should stop his life. I think he deserves to have a chance to play again. I just think he needs to get his priorities straight.”

Bender said it had been “a couple of months” since she has talked to Giles.

KU basketball coach Bill Self revealed after practice Tuesday that Giles had been removed indefinitely from the team to deal with “personal issues” including but not limited to poor academic performance.

Reached Wednesday night, Self said he was unaware that Giles had a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

“I was unaware of any court date,” Self said. “I was aware he obviously was supposed to make payments, unaware there was a court date. It was all news to me. This did not initiate his suspension. It does add to the list. This is not what spurred my decision. This adds to it.”

Giles reportedly incurred Self’s wrath by missing a Monday workout.

"Right now, he is not practicing with us or doing anything with us,” Self said. “I've not had a chance to talk to C.J. He has some things that have to be addressed. … This certainly factors into the equation. I have not talked to C.J. (Wednesday). I have Media Day (today) in Oklahoma City. I've not set up anything where I will be talking to him on a regular basis. He knew some things had to be taken care of. When they are handled, I'll become aware of it (and they then may talk).”

Self has found it difficult to hide his disappointment in Giles, a prospect who has not fulfilled his potential on the court, off the court or in the classroom.

“I can tell you obviously I don't like dealing with this,” Self said. “It's almost like I'm not dealing with it. It goes along with what is consistent of the pattern of what we have been concerned with. A lot of things have come to a head very recently, and this certainly adds to that.”

—Eric Weslander and Gary Bedore contributed to this report.


  1. so, how the hell is Giles supposed to pay $231 a month?

  2. I can't believe you just copied and pasted an entire article from my nemesis Keegan. What a kick in the teeth!

  3. Hey, Eric Weslander and Gary Bedore contributed, which probably means that they wrote it and Keegan put his name on it.

    After all, you don't notice any egregious errors, right?

  4. Weslander probably dug up the court records, Bedore interviewed Self, and TK added the "hilarious" line about "personal fouls."