Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exhibit A

Hey, anyone out there? How many times does ESPN do a highlight reel of an exhibition game against a D-II school?

Talk about expectations! Should be a fun ride.

Anyone see enough to weigh in?

View from our place: Franklin liked the big Jayhawk on the court; Ellis looked solid; and the new kids looked, well, like some very talented but rather nervous new kids...

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  1. Thanks, YHD.

    I saw it in fits and starts on the ESPN3. The recent coverage had lowered my expectations for Wiggins, and I do think the LeBron/Durant comparisons are off the mark, but I was impressed anyway. He looks more confident with the ball than any freshman Jayhawk I've seen at his position. His agility and "hops" are going to be huge assets on both ends. He was smooth in the open floor, got himself to the stripe and looked confident up there. If he can get his jumper to fall--which he didn't last night but the stroke looked fine--he'll be unstoppable.

    Selden and Embiid didn't do much, but physically--wow, talk about NBA-ready bodies.

    Naadir and Perry were awesome, which they'll have to be all year if we're going the distance. Another key will be Frank Mason, who'll be your starting PG in the La.-Monroe game b/c of Naadir's suspension; that'll be an adventure, but the kid looked pretty good last night.

    There's been a lot of redshirt talk, but after this game, I wonder. Self might want to drop his usual short-rotation policy this year and go 10 deep. With the new rules and our reliance on freshmen, I foresee foul trouble nearly every game. Even our one senior, Tarik Black, appears foul-prone. We might have a lot of games in which Greene, Frankamp, and Lucas have to log minutes whether they're ready or not.

    It's going to be a weird, wild year.