Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Madness

There will be plenty of time to parse the optimal seeding, the repercussions of the conference tourney, projections, predictions, etc.

In the last quiet patch before the Madness, let's appreciate this strange and wonderful group of kids. Fifth year seniors, role playing red shirts, and the dance happy freshman phenom. I'm sure we'll remember this team fondly. So, let's now remember to enjoy the endgame, whatever it brings.

They loved playing together and we loved watching them.


  1. What if I told you ... that Chris would make a triumphant return to the blog just when we needed him most?

    Woot woot!

  2. So, we're making quick work of Texas Tech. BMAC, Ellis, and Rio are padding their stats.

    Ellis has been coming on lately, no? He's got 8 points, 7 rebounds today.

  3. I didn't love our PG play this time--except for Rio, that is. For the first time all year, all our scholarship freshmen were great.

    Yes, Perry's putting it together. It's nice to see that he's not scared to take it to the rim--unusual for a freshman. But I'd like to see him "settle" for the jumper more often; he's got a good stroke.

    Some beautiful BMac highlights. He's been on quite a tear ever since struggling at Ames. Is he ready to carry us to the promised land?

    AND NOW the rematch everyone's been waiting for. I was glad to see ISU win; now the game will have the world's attention. I'll be in the crowd wearing my camo gear. Too bad it's only on ESPNU -- or does everyone get ESPNU these days? I'm not sure.

    Only problem is that the 50-50 calls will probably ALL go against us, esp. if it's another nail biter. Refs will be terrified of showing perceived favoritism to KU; they'll err in the other direction. We're probably going to have to be 10 points better to win -- which I know we can do. It's time we stop screwing around with these guys and shut this "rivalry" down.

  4. Entertaining, somewhat provocative piece from the Star about what a great Final Four we have in the Big 12 tourney, which some thought to be a dead letter in Kansas City after Mizzou's defection. With ISU players and fans still whining, and even Bruce Weber whining about the Ames officiating, there's no lack of bulletin-board fodder for us, and no lack of villains even with no Tigers in sight.

    Oh yeah, it is ON.

  5. Moneyball man, Bill James, on Bill Self:

    “I watch every Kansas basketball game,” he says. “And every year, it’s the same thing. They will be on the road, losing by three or four late in the game, this happens often. You would expect them to lose those games sometimes. But they almost never do. They almost always make a few big plays down the stretch and win the toughest games, even when they’re playing poorly.”

    Bill James looks down and shakes his head, as if he’s trying once again to figure out the puzzle. “How does Bill Self do it?’” he asks. “I cannot for the life of me come up with the answer.”

    Courtesy of Joe Posnanski.

  6. More goodness:

    "College basketball is a game of volatility, now more than ever. Kentucky won the national championship last year and is on the bubble just to make the tournament this year. North Carolina has its ups and downs. Indiana … UCLA … Syracuse … even Duke has the occasional bump. But not Kansas. Not Bill Self. "

  7. It's good to know even Bill James hasn't had any more success than we have on this blog trying to figure out what makes Self tick. There are more things on Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your saber-metrics.

  8. I only caught bits and pieces of the TTech game, but I did see Ellis make some nice moves. Good too see Self's confusing success should be safe into next year...

    That Bruce Webber sure is lame. Oh well.

    Expectations for this evening, other than no love from the stripes? (Or will they be in camo too? I saw Michigan got stuck in the Adidas swim trunks look as well, and but they sank instead of swam. Guess I'm saying I'm ready to stop trying out new uniforms for a little while...)

    Should be fun, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we get a solid win by the end of regulation this time. Maybe seven points?