Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lots to Love

From Saturday, including EJ's line: 12 points, 4 assists, only one TO.

But mostly—and I know I'm a little shallow, but hey—mostly I loved this:


  1. Texas was atrocious. We should've beaten them by 50 on that night. But it was fun to watch the mclemore 360 & the tyler self baby hook.

    As for ej- ill wait to see him perform in a game with adversity. Tharpe did not shine in this dog_beating of a game.

  2. Texas was atrocious on offense. But they do play defense, so it was nice to see us put up some points against them in the second half.

    I wish you guys could have been on hand for this one. The LJW has helpfully compiled some of the best moments that you might have missed on ESPN. In addition to the Chalmers ceremony, be sure to check out the "Harlem Shake" videos, starting with the one at the bottom that ran just before the players came back for the second half. This kind of silliness may not play well with the purists (like my Dad, who was just kind of confused), but it's really amped up the party atmosphere at the Fieldhouse to an even greater level.

    I do agree with Scott that we may want to curb the enthusiasm a bit regarding EJ and the team as a whole until we see how they come out on Wednesday. We still haven't won a road game in weeks. And OSU's big, athletic backcourt dominated our guys at the Phog.

    It is interesting to note, however, that OSU almost lost again to those pesky Sooners, and after escaping in overtime, their fans actually stormed the court. That all suggests to me that maybe this program, and this talented but young team, still isn't quite ready for the big time. We shall see.

  3. Time to see! Tonight is the night.

    Kansas has been playing well, and it's hard to imagine losing to one team twice... how about good guys by 5?

    1. I'll go along with that, but I can't say I'm confident.

      I'm going to try and keep this one in perspective if we lose, even though it may mean our 8-year streak of conference dominance is broken. (And even if we win, we still have to survive Ames and Waco after that.)

      I can remember the days when we didn't necessarily win the Big 12 every year, and it wasn't the end of the world. What's more important is staying in position to get a 2 or 3 seed and playing well going into March. The main problem with losing this one would be the added pressure NOT to lose any of our remaining games. I'd hate to end up finishing third or worse and sliding further in bracketology.

    2. Yeah, I mean in a lot of ways the Big 12 would benefit from a little more parity. Not that I'm hoping to lose, mind you, but there's no shame in coming in second in a conference that looks to be back on its game.

      I guess we'll see what happens, but hopefully this talk of streaks and seeds isn't too deeply lodged in the team's consciousness (yes, I am assuming they possess a collective consciousness). Better to play and have fun and let someone else worry about what every possession might or might not mean for March and April.

      Wild, speaking of, that we're now thinking 2 or 3; sure looked like a one a few short weeks ago... ah how I sometimes pine for the heady days of this season's youth...

    3. Historically we've been better as a 2 than a 1, anyway. Somehow, this year, I don't see it mattering too much as long as we can be a top-3 seed, since none of the potential 1 seeds is dominant the way Kentucky was last year. If we play our best, we can beat Indiana or Michigan or whoever else we need to beat in a potential conference final. It's going to be a wide-open tourney.