Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baylor Falls -- And So Does Ben

Ay, dios mio. OK, latest word is that BMac has a manageable sprain and may be back for Saturday in Austin. I wasn't on hand for this one, but the gasps in the crowd were audible on ESPN when he went down writhing in pain.

This was only a minute after his beautiful, fluid alley-oop finish off a dish from EJ. (Highlights here.)

Our half-court offense is still looking a little wan at times -- we only shot like 37 percent. But the defense seems to have recovered with a vengeance, as we held the hapless Bears to a near-historic 23 percent. Needless to say, Self loved, loved, loved it.

EJ still can't seem to get his assist-TO ratio right-side-up, but he had a good game this time, esp. considering he had maybe the toughest defensive assignment KU will have in the regular season -- Pierre Jackson, who was rendered a non-factor. Elijah had some nice passes that should have been assists but guys didn't finish.

Everyone had some good moments, including Traylor and Ellis, who got themselves involved on both ends.

All in all, I'd say we looked like #4 in the nation, which we are, whereas two weeks ago we were #6 but looked like #1.

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  1. Also, did you guys see the graphic that said KU is 100-1 at home over the last six years? That's just ... well, I have no words for how ridiculous that is.

    And now, it's 101-1.